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When planning your exterior décor you should be sure to keep in mind easy landscaping designs and photos that can help simplify your task. The outside design of your home is just as important as the interior décor. If planned properly, the front of house landscape can really increase the curb appeal of your property. Some of the best landscape and garden ideas include adorning your yard with trees and plants that require little maintenance. Incorporating plants that do not require watering or trimming every day will make it easier for you to maintain. Plants and shrubs that do not need frequent maintenance and cheap to buy while becoming a great addition to both your front and backyard landscape designs. Because there are many different types of trees and plants to choose from, photo galleries can be great resources to help you make a decision. Whether you have a lot of money to spend or very little, there are many landscaping ideas on a budget to help you design your dream home.


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When planning your design and getting ready to build an outdoor structure, our online photo gallery of landscaping ideas for the front yard can be a great source of information. Searching through photo galleries will give you an idea of trends others are doing in their yards and what you can plant in yours. While you are brainstorming about your yard, it is a good idea to consider simple landscape designs. If you are not an outdoor fanatic, you may find it difficult to develop a plan for your yard. Our many beautiful pictures of backyard landscaping ideas are online to inspire you to begin designing the perfect yard layout. Looking at these photos can help you decide upon the types of trees, shrubs, or flowers you wish to plant in your front or backyard. Planting landscaping trees outside your home can add shade as well as beauty to any space. You can even browse our online design galleries to find simple landscaping ideas before and after to see the types of transformations that can take place by the addition of all types of plants.


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In order to retain the easy upkeep of your garden, you will want to choose low maintenance landscaping plants. These types of plants can grow and prosper with little water and do not require trimming and other care. Some easy large or small yard ideas include planting bushes such as the plumbago ariculata or leocophyllum frutescens. These bushes are water conserving plants that do not require irrigation or frequent watering. Another easy outdoor design is to plant a flower garden in your yard. There are numerous types of flowers that you can choose from with a wide range of colors. You can visit your local nursery, hardware store or look on through photo galleries for great ideas for garden flower bed designs. Planting flowers in your yard can be an easy way to spruce it up and add some color. If you live in a warm climate tropical landscaping plants can be a great addition to your home. Orchids, begonias, and ferns are great examples of tropical plants that you can plant in your yard.

If you dont have a fence, there are many landscape edging ideas that incorporate plants to create a wall around your home. Trees and shrubs are great plants to be used as a fence around your property to give more privacy. An easy to use for seclusion are fast growing trees that will reach their maximum height within a few years. Some privacy fence ideas for backyard gardening include using Green Giant trees or holly shrubs and bushes to create a wall. Both these plants grow rapidly and keep their dark green colors year round. For ideas of other easy landscaping plants to use as privacy hedges you can search our photo gallery. Using plants as a privacy fence is one of many great outdoor living space that can be an easy solution to keep your yard secluded without the hassle of installing a wooden or metal fence. Having these as a lawn edging throughout your yard will create a natural fence that will keep noise out and block the view from the inside and out.


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2014 landscape design trends incorporate items other than plants into the yard, such as rocks and other stone. Hardscape design is where bricks or pavement is used as decoration in landscaping such as sidewalks, patios, or a front walkway. Other garden decorations that include adding a retaining wall to your exterior design. This is a brick or stone wall that can be the edging to a flower bed or added into hills to prevent erosion. A rock garden is also another way to incorporate stones into your landscaping plan. This exotic yet beautiful garden layout was one of the most popular top outdoor designs from 2012. Landscaping rocks of all sizes can placed in various areas of your yard. Small stones can be used as mulch in tree beds or under bushes as a decorative touch. You can also strategically place large rocks throughout your yard to add some ornamentation to your outdoors. Other rock garden ideas include creating Japanese style designs. This is where you place rocks strategically in your yard to promote relaxation and meditation.

If you have a pool in your backyard there are some specific plants that can be used to add beauty to your space. Plants for landscape pool ideas include small clusters of flowers and trees throughout the yard. You will want to choose trees that do not easily shed leaves to prevent debris from building up in water. Holly trees are great for this because their leaves do not fall out and they keep their dark green color year round. Some other small garden ideas for around a pool are to place flower beds around your space. You will not want to place too many flowers close to the water because they will not be able to withstand the harsh chemicals. If you have a large deck surrounding your house there are also some plants that can be used to decorate this space. The best designs in 2014 landscape patio ideas include hanging plants from the edges of your railing or placing potted flowers around the area. You can use colorful flowers or small shrubberies throughout your patio space to add an easy beautiful decorative touch.


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