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A brilliant addition to any landscaping design plan is a retaining wall. These are versatile items in that rock retaining walls can be used as not only a blockade, but also a beautiful yard decoration. A retaining wall is a wall made up of concrete, rock, or stone that is typically used to hold back soil on uneven terrain. However, there are also many ideas and plans for landscaping with retaining walls other than using them as a blockade. For instance, you can incorporate these stone wall blocks into fencing, garden barriers, and even fire pits on a patio. There are many different retaining wall ideas to select from should you want to use this type of design in your landscaping plans. Choose from the top 2016 retaining wall landscaping ideas to find the best design plants to add garden wall blocks into your exterior plans.


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The original purpose of landscaping wall designs is to create a sturdy structure that will hold back loose soil on uneven terrain. These walls are typically inserted into the sides of large hills for functional purposes as well as for a decorative touch. You can construct wall out of virtually any material including bricks, rock, stone, or concrete. Some garden walls can be created using wood for a cheap and cost effective remodel, however when used to hold back soil, rock walls are the better option. Incorporating a brick walls into your small yard landscaping can be a brilliant way to add beauty without taking up too much space. You can easily learn how to build a retaining wall using online tutorials and make your landscaping makeover a fun do it yourself project. Building walls on your own will greatly reduce prices spent when hiring a contractor. Find many diy landscaping retaining wall designs online to make your decorating project easy.


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When thinking of incorporating retaining wall plans into your exterior design ideas, searching through an online landscaping photo gallery can be a great source of inspiration. Pictures of retaining walls can give you great ideas of what was popular in 2016 and how the styles have changed for 2016. You can also find great reviews when you look at photos of retaining walls so that you can ensure that you use the best materials and design plans for your home. In addition to looking at photos of retaining walls, landscape design software is another great tool to help you with your remodeling process. Use this program to easily learn how to design walls in your front or backyard. With software you can test out and see how various options with look in your outdoor plans. Whether you select large retaining wall blocks or a smaller concrete wall, a landscape software program can help you create the best retaining wall design plan.


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After selecting your retaining wall landscape rock designs, the next step is to decide on the material in which to use. Popular materials to use in landscape wall design are rock, brick, stone, or concrete. You can purchase building blocks of all these materials to make your diy project much simpler. Visit your local home improvement store to find various concrete block sizes to choose from. You also have the option of purchasing interlocking blocks of precast concrete that will make your building process easier. If your home exterior is constructed from bricks, you may choose to create your wall with these. Landscaping with blocks is a relatively simple process and can be done on your own. This is one of the most popular materials to create a wall out of because it adds color to your beautiful design.

Get creative with the ways in which you lay the bricks or stone to create a unique design in your retaining wall. A Windsor anchor block is great for simple landscaping design ideas works great for creating elegant landscape borders. Simply lay these blocks on top of each other for a beautiful stone edging. Another great material to create a gabion wall is split faced blocks. A split faced block is a concrete block that has two holes in its design. Stacking these blocks on top of each other will create a sturdy and durable retaining wall to hold loose soil back. These blocks come in a variety of colors, so that you can match the material with any design plan. Retaining walls are also great to use as a wall to a raised garden. Simply line your garden space with stone or concrete blocks and fill the area with soil and flowers. No matter what your house exterior looks like, a retaining wall is one of the best garden design ideas to make your home look beautiful.

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