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One of the most important parts of your back and front yards is the landscape design plan. The landscape is the visible features of your outdoor property such as hills, trees, and vegetation. Many homeowners choose to plant trees or landscaping with rocks to improve their landscaping, however a popular trend is to decorate your yard with rocks. There are many different ways to use rocks in your landscaping including rock gardens, pathways, steps, fountains and more. This article discusses how a homeowner can use rocks to create beautiful diy landscape designs addition to their front of backyard. Rock is a great addition to any landscape because it provides a natural look that is long lasting and attractive.



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There are many different types of landscaping rocks that vary in size, color and shape, offering a variety of different decorating options. Enjoy free pictures of landscaping rock gardens around to help you choose the best design for your home. If you would like some popular 2016 layouts with durable and authentic looking rock garden designs to use in your yard, then real rock is a better option. You can purchase both real and fake landscape stones and rocks to use in your yard each with different advantages. Real rock is naturally durable because of its innate hardness. The look of real rock is more authentic than fake, making it more pleasing to the eye. The downside to using real rock in your simple landscaping ideas is its cost and weight.


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Landscaping rock garden prices can get pretty expensive depending on the size and availability of the rocks. In addition, the weight of the rocks will play into the overall cost as well. Because natural stone is heavier than its faux counterpart, it often requires multiple people to move it. This may not be a problem for the DIY homeowner, however, if you would like help moving or transporting the rock garden, you may have to pay additional labor fees. The alternative option to natural rock is to use faux rocks. While faux rock is not as durable or as genuine looking as real stone, it is less expensive and easier to transport. Fake rock is lighter and easier to move, allowing you to make changes to your landscaping with stone designs. Because of its ease of transport, you will save money when purchasing the faux rock because you will not have to pay for additional labor to get it to your home.


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