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The most important element of outdoor design is beautiful and exotic plants.  It is very important to choose the right foliage varieties to round out your design because plants and trees have the most influence on outdoor décor schemes.  With the endless variety of flowers, trees and shrubs available, at times it can be quite overwhelming to decide on the perfect assortment for your property. We will help guide you through the selection process, educating you on which common landscaping plants are perfect for creating that beautiful outdoor oasis you have been dreaming of.  Here you will find our collection of popular landscape planting designs for 2016 that will bring the lushest contemporary style to all your outdoor living areas.  Browse our latest top rated list of landscaping plants and photos for fabulous inspiration of how to incorporate this important design feature throughout your property.


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Healthy plants are essential to any yard layout from simple landscaping ideas to garden bed fillers to decorative outdoor potted plants. There are a countless areas of your property that rely on beautiful flowers and shrub.  With the absolutely endless variety of landscaping plants available it can sometimes be tricky to find the selections that will best enhance your design while thriving on the property.  Our collection of top 2016 landscape designs will inspire your outdoor makeover and show you simple ways to begin the plant selection process. The first step in finishing your landscape transformation with plants is determining the types and styles required for your backyard design. Tall evergreen shrubs are perfect for homeowners that want to enhance backyard privacy while still adding great decorative features, whereas exotic Japanese landscaping plants are better for trendy designs accented with fabulous water features and statues. 


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Nothing influences the look of outdoor designs more than landscaping plants. Incorporating the right plant assortment can take a space from average to unforgettable in only the brief time it takes to install your selections.  It is important to pick great garden plants that are not only beautiful but will also thrive in your property’s layout, regional climate, and desired maintenance level.  For example, if you are looking for quick spreading ground cover, the best options will be low maintenance plants such as shade loving plants that thrive with relatively little intervention. On the other hand, homeowners that live in a cool region but still have a preference for more exotic tropical plants should search for hearty varieties that have the ability to survive in a wider range of sun and temperature fluctuations. Check out our great front yard landscaping ideas and pictures for beautiful plant styles to carry throughout your property that will flourish in a variety of climates and conditions.

Expert landscape designers suggest that a great way to begin your outdoor makeover with plants is starting with fabulous garden design ideas that can then be incorporated through the rest of the property. Create a unified look throughout your exterior spaces by carrying the same design varieties of fast growing plants and border plants from the front yard to back areas as well. This will even make small layouts feel larger by giving the space a unified look and reducing the appearance of clutter.  Consider miniature species like small trees and tiny lavender plants to provide fabulous design without overwhelming the space. Another great idea for your DIY layout is starting off with backyard design plans utilizing landscape plants to create design interest and unique focal points without those traditional large outdoor décor features like stately fountains and decorative patios. 


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No unforgettable backyard design ideas are complete without gorgeous landscaping plants to round out your designs. Beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs will bring natural design interest and color to your do it yourself outdoor makeovers. Learn growing techniques and plant selection tips in our popular free landscape design showrooms filled with how to guides and images of dream outdoor remodels. Whether you are looking for simple landscaping bushes or summer flowering plants perfect for backyards it is important to consider several things to ensure that your selections will thrive for many seasons come. Always determine the amount of sun and shade each section of your yard receives during the day to plan which landscaping plants will flourish in those spaces.  The most popular plants for shade include fast growing shrubs like beautiful bush honeysuckle and flowering dogwood tree varieties. Outdoor gardening plants in the sun, however, tend to do best when you choose vibrant flowering bushes and shrubs with varieties bred for warmer regions that are also more tolerant of dry or drought conditions.

No matter what your budget, you can find fabulous landscaping plants that will beautifully enhance your outdoor designs.   To beautify and add design interest to your diy outdoor makeover without spending an arm and a leg, get creative with those small yard landscapes.  Instead of purchasing a large amount of ready to plant flowers and shrubs, consider self-seeding varieties or growing from free clippings. These unusual options may take longer to achieve your completed look because it takes additional time to grow your landscape plants yourself, but the significantly lower cost and design freedom make it worthwhile.  Another great way to find gorgeous plants for your garden without breaking your budget is shopping locally. Because plants don't require additional shipping, costs go down. You can even find cheap plants online from garden stores. Remember, the best landscaping shrubs to purchase under a budget are hearty varieties that will spread quickly and continue to bloom year after year.

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