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Your home’s exterior is the first thing that guests view as they pull up your driveway. Ensure that the house makes a wonderful first impression with fabulous architecture and beautiful design. One of the most overlooked components of exterior home design is the roof. Many homeowners do not consider different types of roofing materials when they are planning their design. However, the color and texture of this element can dramatically influence the overall look of the house. Whether you have simple shingles, modern corrugated roofing or exotic terra cotta material, the overall roof color will highlight and often even define the décor style as well as establish the color palette for the rest of your landscape design. We will help you select the best roof colors for your home. Our online exterior design showroom is filled with fabulous style solutions, helpful tips and tricks as well as informative guides on the most popular house roofing colors for 2014. In no time at all you can radically transform the look of your home, creating an unforgettable and highly decorative structure.



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Color matters in any home design. Selecting the perfect finish of your roof is just as important to your do it yourself makeover as exterior paint colors for homes. We will show you how to choose the right paint color for your home, making the process quick and easy. The best color for your roof depends in large part on the hue selected for the body of the home. When coordinated well with siding finishes, home roofing colors can have a dramatic effect on the overall look of the space, taking it from traditional to exotic or contemporary in just a matter of hours. For example, cool roof colors give your home a striking contemporary edge while warmer tones provide a more traditional and inviting feel. Try warm brown shingles to compliment a red or green home, or contrasting black for a yellow exterior. If you need help with choosing paint colors, use our handy online roof color visualizer to experiment with different looks and finishes before committing to one specific design.



Fabulous roof paint colors are absolutely essential to establishing the overall look of your exterior design. As you embark on your next do it yourself makeover, it is important to remember the small finishing details in order to achieve that fabulous professionally designed look that homeowners strive for. Selecting the perfect house roof designs will play an enormous roll in achieving this goal and developing wonderful curb appeal. The first step in determining the color palette for your roofing paint is choosing the underlying material. There are an overwhelming number of possibilities for this building element including anything from simple roofing tiles or timberline shingles to insulated roof panels. Remember that particularly daring choices are not ideal because of the enormous investment and long lasting nature of this feature. Choose a beautiful and high quality product that will work with a wide variety of décor schemes and that blends well with closely neighboring homes.


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Beautiful and durable shingles are one of the most common roofing materials used by builders today. Many diy home remodelers are unaware of the dozens of variations in finishes and colors of roof shingles available -- this design decision is critical to the overall look of your house. When you look closely at a shingle, the grains that compose the asphalt roof covering are actually a myriad of different hues.  Although there are many types of shingles on the market, the process for selecting the best color combinations for your roof is very similar regardless of the product. Roofing shingle colors should reflect the décor scheme and architectural theme of your home while highlighting unique structural and stylistic details. For example, paint for roof shingles can be repeated in other exterior areas like trim work, doors and shutters. Carefully select these accent tones based on your chosen colors of gaf roofing shingles. This will establish that expertly finished look that you desire.

Another building product rapidly gaining popularity in new construction for 2014 is modern styled metal roofing materials. Steel, aluminum or tin roofing is a great option because of its low price and high durability. When picking colors for this type of base material it is important to select the right paint type for the job to ensure that the decorative hue will attach to metal roof coatings. For example, if you are working with steel roofing shingles all of the same great colors are available, however you will need to purchase material specific metal roof paint to guarantee proper adhesion and long lasting design. A unique option in steel roof colors is imitation stone or wood products. You can achieve the same classic look slate roof colors or cedar shake shingles, but with the resilience and budget friendly price of metal. Browse our gallery of unforgettable house exteriors to get the great inspiration you need to find the best roofing shingles and color palette for your own home.


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Unforgettable exterior design is achieved when every aspect of the home - from architecture to landscaping and everything in between – is beautifully coordinated and integrated seamlessly to create a fabulous finished look.  Roof color is no different. When selecting your favorite paints for the roof, always remember to consider existing house siding colors. Sample paint colors should be chosen based on hues that are already present throughout the exterior décor and landscaping design. For example, a stone cottage surrounded by lush green vegetation and cheerful wild flowers should feature a roof made of natural materials in a subtle color palette to not distract from the beauty of the property. Stone coated steel roofing is the perfect choice for this look because it will meld with the existing siding and reflect the overall casual and warm look of the landscape, while being especially durable and weather resistant. Likewise, if you want to make a bold design statement, roof tile colors should be selected with vibrant and striking home accent colors in mind.



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