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Maple Trees


Landscaping trees are a beautiful addition to any home. There are countless varieties of trees that are available for you to plant in your yard no matter the size or style. An extremely popular species in the United States that is often used for landscaping is the maple tree. The maple tree is known for producing gorgeous wood and colorful fall leaves, and is most frequently found in areas along the east coast. There are a variety of maple trees available for purchase that will look beautiful in any landscape design plans. Choose from a list of the best types of maple trees for 2016 so you can ensure that your home keeps up with the latest design trends. Some interesting facts about maple trees include that their wood produces thick syrup that is frequently used for construction material and charcoal. While the maple tree has many functions, its most popular one is to be a stunning backdrop in landscaping plans for homes.


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When thinking of incorporating maples into your front yard design ideas, you will first want to develop a decorating plan. If you are not an experience landscaper you may find it difficult to select the right kind of maple tree for you designs. A great way to find inspiration for various tree layouts is to search an online landscaping photo gallery. This will not only provide you with great pictures of how to plan your backyard space, but it can also help you with identifying maple trees. Because there are a wide variety of different kinds of maple trees available, it can sometimes be difficult to identify which is which. Looking through photos will give you the information you need to become an expert in maple tree identification. Choose from maple tree varieties to find the best type for you backyard design ideas.


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After looking through pictures to find all the different types of maples available you can get started on planting them in your yard. One of the most popular types of maple trees is the red maple. The red maple tree is fast growing like the rest of the species and is found to be the first to change color in the fall. The Japanese red maple tree produces large leaves that are red in color. Like all maples, these trees are great for creating ample shade for the hot summer months. Another one of the trees for landscaping includes the Norway maple tree. This beautiful maple is fast growing of the species and can be grown in any climate because it is cold resistant. These trees are also great for landscaping with plants for shaded areas and do it yourself home landscaping because they do not need to be trimmed frequently. No need to worry about when to prune your maple unless you have it specifically sculpted.


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If you enjoy having exotic landscaping, many Japanese garden ideas incorporate maples in to their plans. Some Japanese maple trees types include the crimson queen and bloodgood maple tree. The crimson queen is known for its crisp bright red leaves that look stunning in any landscape plan. The bloodgood Japanese maple tree on the other had produces deep purple and maroon leaves that are a wonderful contrast to yellow or red foliage. Planting maple trees are great for any simple landscaping designs because they are very resistant to diseases and grow at a very fast rate. Learning how to grow maple trees is not difficult and you can find online tutorials for help. Additionally, the cost of purchasing these plants from your local nursery or even online, is very low and can fit into any landscape budget.

The Chinese maple tree makes for beautiful ornamental trees because they can easily be shaped or pruned into any style. The silver maple tree responds very well to trimming and can be sculpted into any shape or size. The great thing about these trees is that it will keep the structure that it has been trimmed for a long time before it needs to be pruned again. Maples are also available in the dwarf variety for stunning small tree ideas. Add dwarf sugar maple trees to your design plans for a unique and beautiful touch. Tapping maple trees can be a fun project for you and your family to collect their sap that is found inside the tree. There are many online tutorials that can tell you when to tap a maple tree so you get the best effect. Maple trees are an excellent addition to any landscaping design plan not only for their beauty, but also because they are fast growing and great trees for producing shade.

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