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As the weather begins to warm up outside, many people begin conducting landscaping decorating projects. What better way to prepare for the warm spring and summer months than by giving your exterior plans a beautiful makeover? Easily change the look of your outdoors by planting beautiful landscaping trees, bushes, and flowers. Some great types of plants to add to your design plans are flowering bushes and shrubs. There are a variety of these plants to choose from when planning out your designs that can look great in any style home. Search through the top 2016 flowering plant ideas and pictures to find great layouts so you can keep your landscaping designs up to date with the latest trends. Our site offers you great tips and tricks for planning the most beautiful garden for your exterior plans. No matter the style or size of your home, there are countless design ideas to make your landscaping look beautiful.


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A great type of plant to include in your garden design ideas is ones that are flowering. You may be wondering what is a flowering plant? Well flowering plants are classified as those that produce beautiful flowers or fruits that bloom seasonally. You can find flowering plants of all types including blooming bushes, shrubs, and even trees. There are many types of flowering bushes, shrubs or trees available on the market to add to your landscaping plans. A great way to find inspiration for design plans is to search through a landscaping photo gallery. Here you can find pictures and reviews of all the beautiful flowering plant types that are available. Searching through photos of flowers to plant outside your home are great for getting different ideas for your layout. You can find images of some of 2016 most popular bushes or shrubs that flower and compare to those that are trending in 2016.


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The first thing noticed by neighbors or guests is your landscaping design ideas it is important to keep your exterior looking attractive. Not only can your outdoor design add to the beauty of your home, but it can also increase the curb appeal. So it is important that you have a beautiful and elegant garden layout. Search through our flower garden photos for images of the most beautiful flowering bushes. The flowering quince is beautiful bushes that bloom pink and red blossoms in the late winter and early spring. Other ideas for flowering bushes and shrubs are forsythia and viburnum. These are bushes that flower brilliant yellow and white to pink blossoms respectively. The forsythia bushes with yellow flowers bloom during the springtime and produces a delicious sweet sent. While the viburnum is a white flowering bush that blooms in the wintertime and looks stunning in any DIY landscaping plans.


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If you love do it yourself garden projects there are many online resources that can help you with planting any kind of flowering trees for landscaping.  Visit an online plant nursery for a list of names of flowering plants to add to your garden designs. Planting a magnolia tree in your yard can be a wonderful addition to any design plan. You can find these at your local tree nursery and the produce beautiful white and pink flowers in the springtime. For a more colorful addition to your landscaping choose garden flower plants such as the azalea, hydrangea, or hibiscus. Azaleas are a flowering shrub that produces beautiful blossoms that range in colors from yellow to pink to purple. Meanwhile, the hydrangea and hibiscus are summer flowering shrubs that produce blue and pink or coral toned blossoms respectively.

A quick visit to your local plant nurseries can provide you with a lot of information on great flowering plants for shaded areas or direct sunlight. At nurseries you can get professional help and suggestions on the best shrubs for landscaping any size yard. Some great plants available at a tree nursery are boxwood or bamboo plants. The boxwood is a beautiful flowering evergreen tree which comes in many sizes. It is typically grown as a small hedge that is great for creating a privacy fence or other simple landscaping ideas. For a unique look you can choose a bonsai tree which is a miniature Japanese plant. These can look beautiful in any design and add an exotic and decorative touch. No matter the size of your front or backyard, there are many different landscaping design ideas that incorporate flowering plants to make the exterior of your home look beautiful.

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