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Adding a deck and patio onto your home is a very popular DIY project for any homeowner looking to improve their home. Decks not only enhance the look of your home, but it also increases the retail value of your home because decks add an extra living space to your home. Today decks and patios are becoming more and more popular because of their elaborate designs. Homeowners are expanding the rooms in their house to extend into the outdoors, created outdoor kitchens and living rooms. Deck design ideas are no longer just a place to grill, they are now an extra space in the house to entertain guests and spend time with your family. Because of their increase in use, it is important to incorporate safety into your deck design. The addition of railings will increase the safety of any deck as well as add a nice decorative element to your design.



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This article discusses various deck railing ideas for the DIY homeowner to make their deck both safe and beautiful. Before undertaking this project it is important to determine your specific needs for your deck. The type of railing you choose will depends on if it's a small deck layout, the style, materials, and the material that the decking is is made of. The layout of your deck is the most important aspect to consider when determining what type of railing to use. If you have a deck that is built high off of the ground or a two story deck, a sturdy railing is very important, especially for the stair railings. The style you choose for your railing depends on the style of your home, as well as the composite material or timber wood for decks that the structure is made of. In addition, you will want to make sure that railings on these types of decks are built high enough to be safe for children or pets to enjoy the deck safely.




Make sure to pick materials that blend well together and complement each other to enhance the look of your deck. Dark metal deck railings go well with brick or concrete patios, while wooden railings tend to look best with timber wood decks. There are a variety of deck railing styles and material that you can choose from to achieve the perfect look for your deck. The most common type of deck built today is a wood deck. The materials that these types of decks are made of vary, but generally they are made of timber decking or composite decking. Timber decking is made from any type of real wood, so the railings should be built to match. When looking for wood deck railing ideas, first choose the type of wood you would like to use to match the wood that your deck was built out of. If you prefer a more eclectic look you can choose different types of wood to use for your railings but remember that you can also apply deck wood stain or paint with a variety of different colors. 



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For those homeowners with decks that are made of composite decking, you should pick railing materials to match. Composite decking is often used because it is easier to maintain than wood and tends to last longer so it is a good idea to keep using this material so your whole deck has a long lifetime. Composite deck railing ideas are very similar to wood railings; they are just made out of different materials. Another common type of railing to use is aluminum deck railing or metal deck railings. These materials can be incorporated into any type of deck and look good with brick or wood decking. For wood and composite deck railings you will have three main components: support posts, balusters, and rails. The support posts are very important because they are the sturdiest component of the deck railing. They are spaced out evenly throughout the perimeter of the deck with balusters in between. Deck balusters are smaller pieces similar to the support posts, but they do not provide as much support.



They are placed in between each baluster and are connected by the rails. The rails are the horizontal components of the railing that connect the balusters and support posts. There are a variety of different styles of deck fencing to choose from including the support posts and balusters. You can get simple square shapes, dowel-shapes, and ones that are shaped by a lathe. The rails can be simple shapes as well, or they can be carved into more elaborate, decorative shapes. Post caps, or decorative tops for the deck light posts, can also be added to the support posts to enhance the look of the deck. Some post caps are made with lights in them, sometimes solar powered, so think about if you would like to incorporate that into your deck railing design. Metal and aluminum railings have similar components however, they tend to be thinner. Make sure to pick the right material to build your rail out of to enhance the look of your deck and improve your overall outdoor living experience.


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