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The addition of deck designs to any home is an excellent way to not only increase the retail value of your home but also improve the overall look of your home and add your own little outdoor get away. Decks provide homeowners with an outdoor living space to entertain guests or enjoy a beautiful day outside in the peace and tranquility of their own backyard. Decks or patios can also be utilized during the evening for entertaining or relaxing by incorporating the right light fixtures into the layout and design. Light fixtures can add to the visual appeal of timber deck design ideas and patio landscape as well as extend the hours that you are able to enjoy your outdoor living area. This article focuses on the different options for deck lighting and ways to incorporate them into your deck or patio.



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Before going out to the store and purchasing a deck light fixture you should determine the size of your deck and how often you use it. The size will determine how many light fixtures you should purchase and the use will determine how strong of lights you need. If you are constantly on your deck entertaining or just relaxing at night you may want the space to be very bright so you are not hindered by the darkness of the evening. Some of the most popular outdoor lighting are post lights, outdoor string lights, fire bowls, and recessed deck lighting. These options are the most common because installing deck lighting is easy when choosing from this selection.




Post lights are very simple to install and use because these outdoor light fixtures simply attach to the side of a post. Deck post lights also come in solar powered form so make sure to place the posts in the sun. String lighting, both normal and solar powered, can also be used as deck lights. These are the lights that are used during Christmas, but yellow or white colors can be used year round as decorative outdoor light fixtures strung around the posts or deck railings or up in the frame of outdoor umbrellas. Another great way to add nice ambient lighting is by using fire bowls or adding an outdoor fireplace. Fire bowls come in various sizes and can be small enough to fit on table tops or large enough to act as fire pits for everyone to sit around and warm up. Outdoor fireplaces can also be used to provide soft lighting and warmth to your deck or outdoor kitchen.



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Careful with deck lights that use flames so not to burn your outdoor teak furniture. Lighting is not only for decks or patios. Light fixtures can also be added to your landscape to accentuate your beautiful back or front yard as well as provide lighting for you to enjoy extra time outdoors. Landscape lighting becomes a little trickier than deck lighting because you often have to use wireless lights, but you do have a lot of options for this. Post lights can also be used for outdoor lighting if you have a pool patio design plan or small pathway in your yard. By adding a few posts with post lights around the perimeter of your pool or walk way, you can add a nice evening glow to your yard. For those homeowners who are trying to save a little money, there are cheaper options to add a little evening glow to your landscape, deck or patio.



Tiki torches and fire bowls can be used to light up your backyard landscape, provide a little warmth, and fend off pesky mosquitoes in the summer time. The flames from both of these light sources provide a nice ambiance for the evening and are easy to install. Tiki torches come on stakes that you plant into the ground or into buckets of sand, or they can be clamped to deck posts. The outdoor string lighting that you used on your deck posts or patio umbrellas can also be used in your trees to add a nice low glow to your trees or bushes. Choosing the right outdoor lighting for either your covered deck ideas or your landscape will turn your outdoor living area in to a peaceful sanctuary at night where you can relax and unwind from a hectic day.


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