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While there are a wide variety of decking material options on the market today, one of the most popular types is composite. Composite decking is a type of synthetic lumber that is made from recycled wood and plastic, compounded together to create a strong, durable material. Unlike natural wood that is traditionally used to build decks and porches, composite lumber products do not need to be re-painted or stained to maintain a rich hue. Instead you can purchase this material in a variety of pre-treated colors which will not fade and ultimately save you time and money. Moreover, this wood plastic composite is arguably the best material to build a deck with because of its ease of maintenance. In contrast to wood products such as oak, cedar, or teak decking, this artificial material is not prone to warping or rot making it ideal for use outside your home. Continue reading for more information on the pros and cons of this composit deck product, pricing details, and a materials comparison.



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Choosing between composite decking lumber or wood can sometimes be a difficult choice for homeowners because of the advantages of natural lumber. Many homeowners prefer the look of natural oak or cedar, compared to the engineered designs common of the brand name Timbertech and Trek deck material. However when choosing between a composite or wood deck you should keep in mind more than just the look or design of the material, also consider the price, care, and longevity of the material. The natural redwood or oak that is used to build decks cost on average $8-12 per square foot while timbertech pricing usually ranges from $7-10 per square foot. For more accurate pricing estimates you can utilize an online deck calculator offered by many companies which will allow you to input the exact dimensions of your outdoor space and provide you with the individual cost of the material and installation. Lowes decking department is one of the many places where you can find such a calculator and is a great place to start for your designs.

Choosing the correct deck material for your home is an important step in your design process. While there is a wide variety of options when it comes to decking materials, the most commonly used products are ones made of natural wood, artificial plastics, and synthetic composite boards. Plastic deck lumber tends to be one of the least expensive materials available, relatively durable, and also weather proof, however some homeowners complain of its cheap look. In contrast, wood is much more aesthetically pleasing but is much more costly, as well as prone to rotting, mold, and warping. On the other hand composite Timber tech decking is a great alternative to both plastic and wood because it is durable, weather proof, not as prone to damage, plus can be purchased and installed at a reasonable price. Another company that specializes in manufacturing and installing composite decks is Trex. In fact, Trex for decks creates many products made of this synthetic material including trim, railings, posts, and even various lighting options.


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When beginning to create your outdoor deck design ideas you should make sure to consider the different types of floorboards available such as tile or planks, as well as the railings, stairs, and balusters. Composite porch tiles are great for the homeowner who likes to change up their exterior designs often because they can be laid on top of an existing floor without destroying it, plus they are simple to install because they easily interlock with each other. On the other hand, when it comes to searching for composite deck railing ideas you do not need to look far because there are an array of companies that manufacture posts and balusters in this synthetic material. In fact, the Azek decking company emphasizes that composite is a great material to use for railings because it will not splinter or rot like most woods. In addition to Azek, Timbertech and Trex companies make a variety of composite products including railing systems, planks, tiles, and balusters. Fiberon creates some of the best composite porch railings on the market and is the leading manufacture in these products.

When creating a porch or veranda decking most homeowners prefer a design that hides the nails and fasteners to create a seamless look. The best way to create this seamless flow is through the use of hidden deck fasteners that are fixed to the sides of the boards and connect each plank from the inside. A similar type of fastener is the tongue and groove which creates an interlocking connection between planks so they can easily be laid down and removed. You can purchase this type of design in a composite deck kit which comes with all the necessary materials to assemble it on your own. However no deck design is complete without beautiful lights to illuminate and enhance this space at night. When it comes to deck lighting ideas, the trex composite wood company is one of the best places to look because they engineer beautiful products that can be installed on walls, railings, or steps. If installed on white composite decking, lights will reflect on this color and provide even more illumination.


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When searching for materials to use in there patio deck ideas, homeowners will come across a myriad of options that include both natural and artificial products, easy to care for materials or ones that require a little more upkeep, as well as pre-colored or unstained textiles. As previously stated, composite tends to be the most popular and best decking material to use because it is easy to install, has low maintenance requirements, and is extremely durable. When it comes to cleaning a composite deck often times you only need to sweep off dirt with a broom or hose it down to get rid of dried up mud and debris. While most dirt does not require detergents or other products to remove, for tougher stains and markings caused by dirt, mold, or mildew buildup, a composite cleaner may be necessary. You can add these products to a bucket of warm water and use a sponge to clean the affected areas, or use the cleaner in combination with a power washer. These deck cleaners are typically made of a mild detergent and are safe to clean just a small area or the entire porch.


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