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Wood decks are a popular outdoor addition to any home, providing an extra room in the house as well as a space to relax and enjoy the outdoors. If you are considering adding a wooden deck to your front or backyard, then this is the site for you. Here you can find the best wooden decking material reviews with easy to build design plans, ideas and pictures. There are many different wood materials to use when constructing a deck, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The price of your wooden deck will vary depending on the material you choose, however, you can use an outdoor wood decking material calculator help choose the best option. Common outdoor materials to use for building a deck include wood, plastic, or composite lumber. Wood decks and patios are the most popular choice among homeowners because of the natural aesthetic appeal of real woods. In addition, it is readily available, innately durable and comes in a variety of types, colors and textures.


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When using natural wood for a deck, the top choice among homeowners in 2016 is red cedar. Many people choose cedar wood for decks because it is a solid softwood that is strong, durable and innately resistant to fire and rot. In addition, cedar is a great lumber to use in deck planks because it is inexpensive and easy to use. Another commonly used natural wood is redwood. This type of wood is similar to cedar in that it is a strong softwood, however, it contains more natural chemicals that make it even more resistant to fire and rot. Oak is another great type of wood to use in decking design ideas because it is readily available, inexpensive and also resistant to decay. Although these materials are full of natural chemicals that make them stronger, over time natural wood tends to become cracked, warped, discolored or dried out. Deck cleaning and staining is the best way to maintain your woods color and beauty, however sealing it is your best option. Easy deck cleaning and sealing can be done with a simple wash and an epoxy sealer with water and UV resistance for optimum results.


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Popular idea for 2016, bamboo wood decking is also a popular material choice, especially among eco-friendly homeowners. Bamboo is naturally weather and insect resistant and also very durable. In addition, bamboo is a great alternative to wood because it is a fast growing and renewable. Bamboo needs to be cleaned and sealed regularly to maintain its beautiful look. If the maintenance of natural wood and bamboo is a shortcoming for you, but you still want real wood, consider using tropical hardwoods such as IPE lumber. Ipe wood decks are made from Brazilian walnut and are extremely durable and water resistant. This material is so weather resistant that it is commonly used to construct docks and boardwalks. However, the strength and durability of IPE does not come without a cost. IPE is more expensive than any other wood so make sure to consider this in your budget plan. Another great real wood option is pressure treated lumber. This type of engineered hardwood decking is chemically infused with weather, rot, and insect resistant coatings to extend the lifespan of the material.

Pressure treated lumber is less expensive that cedar and redwoods, requires less maintenance and is more durable. A different wood option is composite decking, which is an artificial plastic lumber. These fake wood deck boards are made from a combination of plastics and wood fibers and are very durable and resistant to moisture. Composite decking ideas vary because it comes in an assortment of colors and textures to create beautiful wood-like decks at a lower cost. When comparing composite vs pressure treated wood, composite is more expensive however it does not require restaining or resealing like treated lumber. Wood pool deck ideas often make use of composite materials because they can withstand the constant exposure to water. If you are choosing between a natural wood or composite deck, the advantage of real lumber is the visual appeal, but composite is easier to maintain and more durable. Azek decking and fiberon decking are the top composite wood manufacturers and the most popular choice of 2016.


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Other popular flooring options for decks are wood tiles. Wood decking tiles can be placed overtop your existing deck to create a type of floating surface that does not damage or destroy the present flooring. The tiles join together with connecting tabs, allowing them to be set up and removed quickly, making installation easy. Tile over a wood deck is a great way for homeowners who want to quickly remodel their deck at a low cost. Images of wood for decks show that another trendy outdoor design tactic is to paint or stain the deck. Paints and stains add color to the area and help protect the deck from water and UV damage. In addition, adding a new coat of paint or stain is a great way of refinishing a deck at a low cost. The best paint for a deck is a water-based paint because it is durable, easy to use, cheap and environmentally friendly. Great deck construction tips suggest that lighter paints are ideal for outdoor spaces in the south or areas that are prone to high sun exposure to prevent overheating. Wood decking pics show whites and cream colors to be the most popular.

Not only is there a variety of materials to choose from, but there also are an assortment of design styles to pick as well. The top pictures of decks in 2016 show large, open spaces with outdoor kitchens or living rooms, roofed structures, and beautiful pool patios. Outdoor living is a popular way to extend your home outside and create extra rooms to relax in. Veranda decking is a stylish way to add a roof to your deck. Veranda decking ideas include long, thin porches extending down the side of your home, large columns supporting the roof, and small railings for d├ęcor. The addition of a railing is a great feature for your deck because it provides both safety and decoration to the area. Pics of wooden decks show a variety of different styles of rails that can be left on their own, or adorned with or potted plants or flowers. Deck railing ideas that have been popular in 2016 include painted or stained wood balusters and wrought iron rails. It is also common to combine the two styles, using wood posts with iron balusters in between.

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