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This do it yourself article focusses on the question, why use teak wood outdoor furniture for your small patio designs, along with free pictures and ideas to help you design. This type of wood will add an alluring attractiveness to all areas of your yard including patio, deck and pool furniture.  Learning how to make furniture from teak wood goes back to modern times.  Whether you are looking to furnish an above ground swimming pool deck or a garden patio with pavers, teak wood outdoor dining furniture is the flawless choice.  Even structures like bridges and buildings were one time made from this durable wood material.  Beyond the durability, teak wood is actually quite beautiful and adds an excellent design to your garden patio ideas.  Teak wood patio furniture is also excellent for the outdoors as it holds up to most harsh weather conditions. 



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Teak wood is the best choice for outdoor sets near a swimming pool or furniture for patio design ideas.  In addition to being inexpensive and its unattractiveness, teak furniture is water repellent and has no problem handling pool splashing or lounging outside wet.  The wood contains natural oils that allow it to survive extreme weather conditions and pool water full of chemicals.  The natural oily wood will also keep it from decaying for years to come.  No need to bring the furniture indoors during rain storms or snow, as teak wood will survive years of extreme weather conditions.  The stylish designed lounge furniture is admirable by your guests and will give your outdoor patio landscape a feeling of being in an Aruba resort.  If you’re sure to give the outdoor furniture proper care, you will guarantee it keeps its beauty for years to come.




Many of our viewers want to know how to restore teak wood furniture.  As opposed to other types of outdoor swimming pool furniture, cleaning teak wood is easy and maintenance is very minimal.  Just treat the wood with teak oil every so often and watch it keep its durable allure throughout the seasons.   Treating teak wood furniture is very easy using cheap soaps and water, followed by a light coated treatment of teak oil.  Once done, sponge off the excess oil and watch your furniture look good as new.  Try not to be shunned off by the price of teak wood chairs and tables. Remember, teak is the best wood for patio furniture and even though it can be expensive, is worth every penny as it will survive a life time. For many years now, teak wood table and chairs have been the ideal solution for swimming pool deck and patio



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Nothing beats the classy style of this cheap wooden furniture.  When decorating the interior of your home, it’s a challenge deciding on what type of wood to use.  However, there’s no question when it comes to outdoor furniture.  Teak wood is not only strong and long lasting, but it also looks gorgeous and handles all nasty weather conditions.  Teak outdoor garden furniture is processed with fine grained surfaces and rarely splinters or warps from old age.  Teak furniture can be found in light, dark, or natural wood shades.  These colors blend nicely for any outdoor patio design as it grabs the same colors of your natural landscaped layout. If you’re looking for affordable patio furniture, teak wood may not be the best solution for your home. 




Before you buy any cheap outdoor furniture, be sure to research the brands online thoroughly to get the best market price and look for a teak outdoor furniture sale.  Questions to ask the manufacturer include teak wood prices and the types of glue used to join the pieces together.  You want discount outdoor furniture that was built using the five step epoxy glue, which guarantees the most durable and long lasting possible.  We always recommend our readers buy the furniture from a local manufacturer during an outdoor furniture sale so you can get an honest feel for the style and how it feels to use.  Some teak wood furniture can be quite expensive, but you also have the alternative of using cherry wood furniture that closely resembles teak wood and has the same durable quality.

The solid, tan colored teak wood is a great decision for decorating with backyard furniture.  Iron, aluminum, metal and cheap patio wood furniture doesn’t even compare to the magnificent look of teak wood in your backyard landscape.  Most woods cannot handle the strong sun, ran, and heavy moisture.  Teak wood however will endure all varieties of foul weather and will last longer than traditional outdoor wrought iron, metal and plastic furniture.  Honestly speaking, if teak wood is properly cared for, it’s known to last longer than its owners, surviving up to seventy-five years.   If the Chinese can build teak wood boats surviving the violent ocean’s conditions, than I’m sure a chair can handle your backyard just fine. 


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