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Planting a garden in your yard is a great way to add style and color to the space without spending too much money. Most gardens are easy to maintain as long as you pick the right plants. There are many different types of garden plants to choose from, each with different growing seasons and maintenance levels. Although there are a variety of exotic garden styles to incorporate into your backyard, the most common types include flower and vegetable. In addition to the assortment of plants bulbs to use for your garden, there are also many different layouts to choose from. Garden plots are popularly used in homes with a large property because they can accommodate larger planting areas. However, for those with little yard space, plant pots or container gardens can be used. Here you can find the best garden plants to use for any style and type of plot you choose to create in your home along with great diy tip and tricks to help you create the a beautiful home landscape that your neighbors will envy.



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The most popular garden plants to use in your landscape are flowers. The addition of a flower garden to your yard will not only enhance the look of your landscape by providing vibrant colors to the area, but they will also add sweet smelling aromas that will create a warm and welcoming environment. The top beautiful flower garden ideas incorporate seasonal plants into the design scheme, with popular choice being perennial flowers. Perennial plants are those that will grow for longer than two years, blooming in the summer and spring. Many homeowners choose to plant perennials that bloom all summer because they spend most of their time outdoors during this season. The most popular perennial flower plants include Peruvian lilies, catmint, daisies, forget-me-nots, lavender and hydrangea. These flowers add sparks of vibrant colors to your yard, enhancing the look and feel of the garden. Full sun perennials, such as lavender, should receive at least 6 hours of sun a day, while partial sun plants such as hydrangeas need less daily sunlight.

Another excellent option for your garden includes planting annual flowers. While perennials are spring plants that re-grow for several years, gardening annuals live for only one year. Because they only last for one season, annuals make great garden plants for homeowners who enjoy changing the look of their landscape design ideas. You can choose from a variety of different plants, each with varying seasons of growth to enjoy a beautiful garden year round. Great annual summer garden plants that have been popular in 2016 include orange and yellow marigolds, a variety of begonias, red pink and white petunias, and all colors of geraniums. Annual plants work well in a garden plot but also make for excellent potted flowers. If you have a container garden, the best spring and summer annual plants to grow are dracaena spikes, Mexican heather, springeri, and vinica vine. You can find an assortment of garden planting calendars online to help you plan what types of flowers to plant and when they should be grown each year.


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If you prefer a more unique style other than the typical flowering garden plants, consider using vegetables, herbs, or rocks in your landscaping. Vegetables are some of the top outdoor garden plants to grow because they provide you with a fresh source of produce for your meals. There is a large assortment of vegetable garden plants to choose from including tomatoes, onions, potatoes, zucchini and pumpkins. The type of vegetable you choose to plant will depend on your geographic location, the time of year, and the size of your plot. Vegetables that grow well during the cooler months of the spring and fall include cabbage, broccoli, lettuce and collards, while squash, tomatoes and okra are best grown during the summer. A popular way to provide your meals with fresh seasonings is by planting an herb garden. The best herb garden plants to grow are basil, chives, dill, mint, parsley, sage and thyme because they are most often used in cooking. Although these are most popular, herbs are easy to grow so make sure to use plants that you will use in your recipes.

Keep in mind that not all plants require ample amounts of sun light. Some of these garden plants will not survive if they are exposed to intense sun light and UV rays all day long. If you are unable situate your garden so that the plot lies next to your house, the garage, or a few trees, consider growing shade plants or shrubs. The top garden plants for shade include shrubs such as calico bushes, evergreens, and fountain bamboo, as well as blooming flowers such as tall ginger lilies, or various types of camellia with vibrant petals. In addition to shaded garden plants and shrubs, small trees provide a great source of sun protection. Consider incorporating Japanese maple, spotted laurel or tree ivy into your garden plans. For those who prefer smaller bushes, cheap bamboo plants and gold forsythia are fast growing shrubs that will instantly protect your plants from damaging UV rays. You can visit your local nursery or buy garden plants online according to type, season, and maintenance. An online photo gallery and plant nursery is a great way to research different types of landscaping plants for shaded areas.


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For those homeowners who prefer a more exotic look in their yard, consider incorporating unique designs landscape. The top 2016 garden ideas include flower gardens and vegetable gardens, as well as more ornate styles such as rock or butterfly gardens. Rock gardens vary in style, however some consist solely of stones while others incorporate plants, flowers, or water features. This style garden is best used in stony terrains that cannot accommodate large plots of rich soil. In 2016, the most popular rock garden plants include wild thyme, sea thrift, catmint, sun roses, and torch lilies. A butterfly garden is one that utilizes plants that will attract butterflies or moths that feed on the nectar of flowers. Another trending style in garden design are those that attract wild birds. Hollyhock, azaleas, begonias and cape honeysuckle are known to attract hummingbirds, while beautyberry, cherry laurel, dogwood and petunias are notorious to draw in a variety of bird species. Take a look at the award winning pictures in our garden photo gallery to help you determine your favorite design.


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