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Dwarf Trees


A small yard may not provide enough space to grow larger trees as it prevents their roots from spreading. However this should not hinder you from planting those beautiful flowering trees or shrubs that you have dreamed of having. Instead try searching for dwarf plants and trees, which are miniature versions of traditional species bred specifically to grow to smaller heights than the regular sized vegetation. Plus because there are so many different types of dwarf trees available, you can easily find a mini version of your favorite species that is ready to plant in your yard! There are small dwarf tree varieties such as the Japanese maple that only grows to a height of 3 feet in as many as 15 years, while you can also plant a tree that will only reach a max of 12 feet tall. A quick search through the online dwarf tree nursery will provide you with information on many different species as well as soil requirements and blooming schedules.


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When searching for small trees ideas for small gardens many homeowners will either look for a specific species that does not grow to extremely tall heights, or make the mistake of planting a regular sized tree hoping they can trim and prune it to keep it at a manageable range. However certain species of trees will still grow to soaring heights regardless of how much they are trimmed. So rather than having to remove a tree when it becomes too large and overwhelms your yard, opt to plant small dwarf trees instead. These dwarf species are small ornamental trees that are specifically bred to stay at tinier, more convenient heights and are ideal for homeowners who do not have a large property to landscape. A quick look through our online galleries filled with pictures of dwarf trees for landscaping will provide you with an idea of how homeowners utilize these plants in their garden designs, plus show you how many different species are out there.


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Finding the best trees for my yard is a relatively simple task that just takes a little creative thinking and some planning. After creating your designs, you can buy plants online at the click of a button, or take a quick trip to your local tree nursery. Looking for cover during a hot day? Try planting dwarf willow trees at the edge of your property to provide both shade and a privacy screen. Striving to add color to your yard? There are flowering trees and plants on the market so you can get that special splash of color during the spring when they blossom. Of extreme popularity are the flowering dwarf dogwood trees because they produce the showy flora characteristic of the regular-sized species and come in a variety of colors including pink, red, white, yellow, and even a deep purple. The dwarf lilac and cherry trees produce blossoms in beautiful shades of purple and pink respectively, while giving off decadent aromas. In contrast, the dwarf magnolia tree produces brilliant white flowers that contrast nicely with the waxy dark green leaves during the spring.

A growing fad among DIY landscapers is growing backyard fruit trees that produce gorgeous flowers and buds during the spring, and a scrumptious snack to enjoy during the summer. If your property is not very large or you live in a small apartment you may be thinking that you do not have the space or opportunity to grow your favorite peach or lime trees, however this is not the case. There are a variety of landscaping design ideas for homeowners with little or no yard space, one of which is planting espaliered fruit trees that have their branches tied to a frame to grow on a flat horizontal plane, taking up less space on your landscape. You even have the possibility of growing fruit trees in pots! Another option is to purchase dwarf fruit trees which are miniature versions of the regular sized species. Dwarf citrus trees that produce lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits are popular in the warmer southern states while the fig tree is capable of producing fruits in colder climates. The dwarf plum and pear tree sees ideal growth in almost all climates, making them great for home gardens.

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Another variety, the Japanese trees, also tends to be wildly popular in landscapes because of the colorful foliage most of these species produce. The Japanese maple tree is of particular esteem because it bears densely packed, deep green leaves throughout the spring and summer which transform into a dazzling red shade during the fall. While regular sized versions of this species reach towering heights of 30 feet, the dwarf Japanese red maple tree only reaches to between 3 and 7 feet tall in 10 years. The most popular trees for landscaping in a Japanese themed yard include pines, bamboo, and bonsai plants which all sustain the elements of deep green foliage throughout every season. The bonsai tree design plans are considered a Japanese art form which uses miniature trees to express their culture and traditions. Bonsais can be used as both outdoor and indoor dwarf trees because they are often grown in pots for ornamental display. A variety of species can be used to create these potted trees, with the most popular being those with woody-stems as well as bushes and shrubs.

When evergreen trees are used in landscaping they are planted for a myriad of reasons, some of the most common being to act as a natural fence and their year round foliage. While some homeowners might prefer gargantuan species that can reach heights of almost 100 feet to provide protection, privacy, and security, others prefer small landscaping evergreens that provide a less extreme means to this end. Dwarf spruce trees are great for these purposes because they grow to about 12 feet and have densely packed yellowish green needles that make it hard for animals to navigate and neighbors to see through. Browsing through our gallery of backyard photos will show you that these spruces come in many different shapes, making them very versatile for use in yards of both warm and cold climates. On the other hand, dwarf palm trees have large evergreen leaves that grow primarily at the top of a thin trunk, making them more useful for decorative, rather than protective purposes. Though also keeping their leaves year round, this species thrives in the warmer climate of the south.

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