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Painting a room can be a quick and easy way to revamp the space and give it a whole new look at an inexpensive cost. But choosing color schemes to paint your home can sometimes be a hard process. There are so many shades to choose from and so many brands to select. Before choosing paint colors you should determine what style you want to design your room in. If you simply want to add a new coat of paint, you should be sure to keep with the existing style of the room and not make any drastic changes. However, if you are completely redesigning your space you can first choose a color scheme and design the rest of the room from there. Searching through the best interior colors 2016 can be a great way to learn what color pallet is trending this year. Interior paints should be chosen carefully for each room because if you choose the wrong shade it can disrupt the mood of the room. To make your painting process easier we offer you some tips for choosing colors for homes.


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With each coming year there are new color trends that are popping up. Some popular interior house colors of 2016 were dark shades of blue, green, red and purple. Other color trends of that year were bright colors such as bright green, pink, blue, and yellow paired with black, white, or grey to add bold splashes of color. The best paint colors 2016 are shifting towards lighter shades, with soft whispers of color throughout the space. The latest crazes on the paint color chart include soft pastels such as light blues, greens, and yellow. Even pinks, purples, peach, and light browns are appearing on the list of the most popular paint colors this year. While dark shades and blacks and greys were popular interior colors for 2013, the interior wall paint colors of 2016 are shifting to a softer and not so loud. Painting your room in these beautiful pale colors can brighten up your room and give the appearance of a larger space.


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To be different and choose colour schemes that are not trending, there are an infinite number of options to paint your house in. taking a quick trip to your local Sherwin Williams or home improvement store will provide you with numerous color samples to help your decision go quicker. Picking the best interior paint colors can sometimes be difficult, you may be unsure of what shade best or what color will open up a room. For interior design ideas you can ask a professional for help on how to choose paint colors so that you can pick the best for your room. Neutral colors are always a great go to shade because they are simple and go with almost any style room. You can paint your walls with a simple shade of beige, white, or grey and add splashes of neutral colors to enhance the design. Choosing room paint colors is not a difficult task, and can be a fun and easy process.


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There are many different interior paint ideas to choose from for each specific room of your house. the most popular interior colors for a living room tend to be neutrals such as beige or white on the walls and then dark wood tones in the furniture. Paint colors for livings rooms are usually simple tones with brighter or darker shades in the furniture or upholstery. Behr has many color pallet samples to choose from that can give you inspiration for your living room design. Some great interior paint color combinations in a living room is beige on the walls with dark wood furniture and a pale green in curtains or the upholstery on the couch. Popular kitchen colors tend to shift towards blues and whites for a nice cottage feel. Other great interior paint colors for a kitchen are reds, oranges, and yellows to create a country style look to the room.

The hues chosen for bedroom paint colors are much different from those for a kitchen. These shades should evoke a sense of relaxation and romance to really set the mood for a bedroom. Popular colors for a diy interior design bedroom are pale coastal blues with accents of cream and grey, navy blue or brown touches. These colors give a natural and elegant look that is perfect for any bedroom design. On the other hand, some of the top bathroom colors for 2016 incorporate light blues, greens, and teals to create a spa like atmosphere to relax in. These bathroom interior paints reflect light and brighten up the small space. You can find many reviews online of different interior house color schemes to find what others are putting in their homes. Online photo galleries can also provide you with different painting techniques to get creative in your room design.

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