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Bathrooms are an integral part of any house. Not only do they play an important role in your daily life as an area to prepare for the day or relax at night, but they also are one of the greatest factors in determining the value of your home. Fabulous contemporary bathroom updates can drastically increase the asking price of a house as well as make your dwelling more attractive to guests and potential buyers. Bathroom makeovers are an outstanding weekend do it yourself project perfect for ambitious homeowners. In no time you can revamp that space from drab and outdated to brimming with great contemporary design. With great inspiration and the right knowledge to recreate your favorite looks, an unforgettable dream bathroom can be just a few days away. Read ahead for our helpful DIY guide filled with the most popular bathroom design ideas and photos sure to make your next remodel a success. Your dream room is just a click away.


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Beautifully updated baths are an asset to any home – not only do they make your daily routines more streamlined and enjoyable, but they can greatly increase the value of a house as well. Whether you choose to incorporate the latest bathroom remodeling ideas or a few quick and easy fix-ups, any remodeling project in this room can have a drastic effect on the overall look and feel of a home. The best way to begin any DIY design plan and remodel is with fabulous inspiration, helping you to identify and incorporate the latest trends cohesively with current decor. Browse our photo gallery filled with beautiful bathroom decorating ideas to discover the amazing potential of your space as well as learn new styles and decorating techniques that you may not have previously considered. When expertly recreated, those simple bathroom designs can be elevated to unforgettable décor. In no time at all, you can build an absolutely stunning dream room to enjoy for years to come.


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Any outstanding do it yourself bathroom remodel begins with carefully detailed design plans. These are oftentimes very compact rooms that still must be able to fit a number of essential components including sinks, toilets, bathtubs and/or showers as well as adequate storage and floor space. The best way to incorporate these design elements in a visually appealing and cohesive fashion is through a free bathroom design software. This innovative software allows remodelers to experiment with various layouts in order to identify the best floor plan prior to investing time or materials. This is an especially helpful tool for homeowners with tiny baths. It is often much easier to visualize the most accessible floor plan when you are given a bird’s eye view of exact dimensions. Some programs even feature small bathroom remodeling ideas built right in to make it even simpler for users to navigate those challenging layouts and recreate favorite designer looks.


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Design for bathrooms begins with flooring and wall coverings – most often this means tile. There are an absolutely endless number of great bathroom tile ideas that can embody a wide variety of popular styles and décor motifs. Key to selecting the right look for your space is understanding what style each type of product can bring to a room. Traditional black and white ceramics are a great option for diy style homes as they convey a classic feel in these characteristically modern spaces.  Incorporating today’s hottest bathroom ideas 2016 such as luxury marble or natural stones bring a more contemporary feel with the look of a spa style wet room. No matter which tile option you choose, consider safety and select the proper materials for the job. Certain varieties such as stone can be extremely slippery if not treated properly and, as such, should not be used for flooring.

Deciding how to remodel your bathroom should be an enjoyable process. Because these rooms are often quite small in size you can afford splurge on high end materials or experiment with color and decorative accents that may be too garish in other areas of the home. Experiment with ideas for focal elements such as vanity photos for bathrooms. These can become a decorative accent in the room if chosen properly. Try a gorgeous vessel sink made from artistic glass in a modern bath or a countertop set into a beautiful antique dresser to bring classic elegance in more traditional interiors. Another great area to play with unexpected design for bathrooms is through wall and trim colors.  Incorporate those top bathroom paint colors from 2016 but in new and exciting ways. Instead of muted spa shades characteristic of Japanese design try a darker version such as a bold vibrant teal green. Think outside of the box to create beautiful interiors.

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