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The best patio awning ideas, design plans and pictures combine the most popular trends and styles to create a customized covering for any outdoor space. Patios or decks are a great addition to any home because they extend your living area to the outdoors and provide you with a space to entertain guests and relax outside. While a patio is a great feature your home, they do not protect you from various weather conditions such as sun and rain. The top patio designs incorporate shade structures, or some type of roofing edifice to block the sunlight and protect you and your family from rainy weather. The most popular 2016 patio ideas and design trends include some type of outdoor awnings and shades into their scheme to not only shield the area from sun or rain but also to add a beautiful decorative touch to this space. Through this site you can find a variety of different remodeling ideas and plans for your patio that incorporate an awning, roof or covering as well as an assortment of design photos to help make the perfect addition to your dream home.



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There are many different types of patio covers to choose from that different in style, material, and functionality. It is important to pick a covering that not only matches the style of your home, but also suits the needs of your patio. When you think about an awning, the typical image you see in your head is of multicolored, striped roofing units that were popular during the 60’s and 70’s. While this idea might initially deter you from building house awnings on your patio, think again. There is a wide variety of outdoor canopy ideas that shy away from the gaudy look of the 60’s and integrates the most popular designs, trends, and color schemes of today to create beautiful, and stylish roofs for your patio. Not only are the looks better, but with the advance in technology today you now have the added option of using a retractable or stationary set up. Retractable patio covers provide your space with protection from unwanted weather conditions with the added option of folding up the covering to allow extra sunlight in.

Electric awnings are retractable coverings that can be extended or withdrawn depending on the weather. These motorized awnings are great for homeowners who are not tall or strong enough to retract the awnings on their own. There are also manual styles of retractable awnings in which you can fold up and take back the covering yourself. Manual vs retractable pros and cons suggest that electric or motorized systems are superior because of their ease of use. If you prefer to have your patio covered at all times, you can opt for the stationary awning. Stationary structures are built around the patio and provide shade and shelter year round. These types of awnings usually consist of some type of framework with a fabric covering stretched over the top. The framework of a stationary awning can be constructed from a variety of materials with the most popular being metal, wood, or wood alternatives. Metal awnings for a home are the most commonly used patio covering today because this material is strong, durable, and long lasting, making it ideal for outdoor use.


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Patio awning fabric must also be durable and weather resistant so it is important to pick a material that can withstand the conditions in your area. Canvas awnings are the most popular materials to use for the covering, though vinyl, acrylic, and other synthetic fabrics are great choices as well. Sunbrella awnings are the best brand to choose for your outdoor covering because they are very durable and come in a variety of different colors, patterns and designs. In addition, diy awning kits can be purchased from your local home improvement store that provides you with the framework as well the fabrics to make your building project a little easier. These kits create great cheap awnings that are affordable, however, if you prefer to design your own patio covering, consider installing custom made awnings. Our online gallery with photos of patios can help to provide you with inspiration to help you design the best covering for your home. There is a collection of cool patio canopies and awnings to view, including alternatives such as wood roofing, gazebos, and pergolas.

If an awning is not your style, but you would still like to cover your outdoor living space, consider installing wooden patio cover. The top wooden roofs include gazebos and pergolas, both of which are free standing pavilions that are popular decorations for yards, gardens and patios. Gazebos have a deck that takes on an octagonal shape with open sides. The roof of this structure is generally made of wood, but, other common gazebo covers include canvas or vinyl fabrics. Patio enclosure panels can be added to the openings of a gazebo to create a screened in or closed in space. A pergola is a structure that provides shade and shelter to an area, however, it is usually square or rectangular in shape with vertical support beams and an open lattice roof. Pergolas are great sun shades for patios because they block a little bit of light, however the lattice design still lets in some sunshine. Great pergola design ideas include weaving fabric through the lattice roof for weather protection or hanging potted plants around the perimeter of the structure.


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If you are looking for sunshade awnings for patios that can be moved to provide additional sun and rain shelter throughout your back or front yard, consider purchasing a portable canopy. These types of awnings are referred to as free standing canopies and can be used in a variety of situations. Portable structures are easy patio covers and make great tents or coverings for sporting events and camping trips. Some of the best diy home design ideas make use of portable canopies as tents for outdoor parties or garage structures. Canvas carports can be used to shade, and protect your cars and trucks from inclement weather and damage from outside. Another common type of portable canopy is a patio umbrella. Vinyl patio umbrellas are the most popular movable outdoor covering that are commonly seen stationed on patios over top of a dining set or on pool decks to provide shade to sun bathers. You can choose from a selection of different styles of umbrella, including free standing and table top designs. 


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