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If you are looking for a way to provide a roof or some type of shade structure to your outdoor living area, consider installing a patio cover. Patio covers are roof like structures that not only block unwanted UV rays, but also add a beautiful decorative touch to the area. Covered porches are very common among homeowners today, creating a year round space for you to enjoy the outdoors free of sun and rain. When looking for outdoor covered patio designs, there are a variety of different ideas and plans to choose from. Popular patio cover design plans include gazebos, arbors, awnings, and lattice structures. They can be permanent, built in structures that are constructed into your deck plans, or temporary roofs that can be set up on your patio or in various parts of your backyard for outdoor entertaining. Here you can find a vast assortment of useful information, including reviews of the best materials to use, tips on do it yourself construction, as well as pictures of outdoor  patio covers that will help you to create a backyard that your neighbors will envy.


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When building a patio cover on your deck or in your back yard, the first thing to do is choose the proper design. There are many different types of patio cover roofs to choose from, differing in both materials used and overall design. Popular outdoor living areas with patio covers include gazebos, pergolas, fabric awnings, aluminum roofs, and lattice structures. For those homeowners who prefer free standing patio roofs, your best option will be a gazebo or pergola. These are both detached structures that offer a shaded area with open sides. Pergola deck designs are often used for shaded walkways or sun rooms because of their open arrangement, however they are also commonly used in patio cover plans. Roofed pergola structures consist of vertical posts or pillars that are used to support an open lattice roof. These cross beams are situated so that some sun can still peak in through the openings. Some homeowners choose to leave this outdoor sun shade area open, creating the perfect place to gaze at the stars in the evening, while others decorate their new patio design plans with plants or fabrics.


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For those looking for a more solid roof for your deck a gazebo is the better option for you. Similar to the pergola, a outdoor gazebo canopy is a freestanding structure with open sides, however, they are enclosed by a solid roof to block the sun and protect you and your patio deck from inclement weather. Gazebos are most commonly incorporated into garden designs, however they can also be constructed on your deck. They are made from wood materials and can be decorated with stone or brick for added elegance. Like the pergola, gazebos can be decorated with hanging or potted plants or fabrics. Screen patio enclosures are also a very common addition to gazebos and any other type of covered porch. A screened in porch allows you to seal off the area from unwanted insects and animals, creating a more enjoyable outdoor environment. You can purchase custom made screens to install on your gazebo at a low price, or build your own using screening fabrics. If you cost is an issue, stray away from gazebos and consider options such as aluminum roofs or awnings.

Like gazebos and sunroom design ideas, aluminum patio covers provide you with a solid roof structure. Solid roofs are often more desirable than open lattice designs, because when your patio is completely covered it transforms the area into a multifunctional outdoor area. Aluminum roofs are great to incorporate into plans for patio covers because they provide you with full protection from sun and rain at a low cost. In addition, this material is a very durable product, which unlike wood, will not rot. However, there are a few disadvantages to this types of roof covering, such as it heat retention and the loud noise it causes during rain storms. If you prefer a roof that provides the benefits of aluminum without the short comings, consider using alumawood. Alumawood is a combination of aluminum and wood creates the best covering for decks and patios by providing the advantages of both materials. Wood patio covers are great because they add a naturally beauty to your outdoor area. The best wood patio cover designs use a solid roof combined with ornately design pillars and décor.


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Another budget friendly option is the popular patio awnings for your patio design. These permanent or temporary structures that can be installed on your deck or patio that consist of a metal or wood frame with a fabric covering stretched across the top. Awning frames are most commonly constructed from metal with a cavas or vinyl cover in an assortment of color options. In addition, you have the added choice of using 2015 retractable awnings or stationary set up. Retractable awnings provide your space with protection from unwanted weather conditions with the added option of folding up the covering to allow extra sunlight in. If you prefer to have your patio covered at all times, you can opt for the stationary awning. Stationary structures are built around the patio and provide shade and shelter year round. They usually consist of some type of framework with a fabric covering stretched over the top. If you prefer a stationary cover that can be moved around your backyard, consider installing outdoor patio canopies, or transportable awnings for your yard.

Outdoor canopies are great for patio shades as well as spaces for entertaining guests in your backyard. Canopies can be used as tents for barbeques, get togethers, or just as a shaded area for your property. If you prefer temporary patio cover structures, you can also purchase an umbrella for your outdoor living space. Popular patio umbrellas are the top do it yourself shade covering because they are easy to set up and can be placed anywhere in your yard. Not only do they provided you with protection from the sun and the rain, but umbrellas can be combined with outdoor patio furniture to create a beautiful and relaxing outdoor oasis. Canvas, sunshade fabric, or vinyl patio cover materials can be used for your umbrella covering, each coming in an array of color choices. This wide collection of design options ranges from simple patio design ideas with plain colors or elaborate décor schemes with bright hues and elaborate patterns. No matter what option you choose, a patio cover will positively enhance your outdoor living experience.

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