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A common type of patio, driveway, basement or garage flooring is made of concrete. This is the type of floors that are created when the house was built and easiest to install. While concrete floors may be the most common for these areas it is not always the prettiest. In areas such as a basement, even the wall paint can be made of concrete, making the room even more unappealing to the eyes. Concrete flooring is a drab grey color that is not very aesthetically pleasing, but installing new floors or patios can be expensive. However, there is no need to fret; it is possible to make your existing concrete floors look even better at a low cost. One of the most simple resolutions to your drab floors is to paint the existing concrete. Painting your concrete floors can be a simple weekend task for the do-it-yourselfer that loves doing home projects. No matter what the function of the room, there are many different concrete home paint ideas to help you change the room from drab to fab. This article gives some basic information on indoor and exterior concrete paint and how you can easily remodel your home with a simple coat of paint.



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When painting a garage or basement, the first thing you will want to do is to repair any cracks or damages in the concrete. This can be done by simply filling in the cracks in the foundation and applying a waterproofing paint to the surface to prevent from any water damage. After the floors of your basement or garage design have been repaired you can choose the style for your flooring. You can buy concrete floor paint from your local home improvement store and it comes in a variety of different colors for you to choose from. This type of paint is made of an epoxy or rustoleum paint base that can also be used in garages, basements, driveways, pool areas, and patios. Epoxy paint can also act as a water seal to the concrete, preventing any water damage from occuring. Garage epoxy flooring is great because it creates a waterproof surface that makes it easy to clean up any dirt or oil spills from a car. There is a wide variety of colors of floor paint that are available so you can choose any color scheme for your garage. If you wish to have a more elegant floor than a simple white color, there are paint options available that can create the look of stone, marble, leather, or tile flooring.




Another more elegant option is polishing your concrete floor. Polished concrete floors are a process where the concrete surfaces are grinded to create the look of a high-gloss floor that never needs to be coated or waxed. This can add a beautiful touch to any room. Another room that has concrete flooring, and even walls, is the basement. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to paint for concrete floors in basement. As long as you have ensured that your basement floors have been properly waterproofed you can paint the concrete floors of your basement. To get tips on how to paint a basement floor you can search online for tutorials or visit your local home improvement store for help. This store should also have garage floor paint that can be used to paint a basement floor. This is an epoxy-based paint that acts as a water seal to the concrete. If your basement walls are also made of concrete you may consider painting those as well. Basement concrete wall paint is the same that is used on the floor; it is an epoxy-based paint that acts as a water sealant in addition to adding a beautiful color.



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Basement floor or wall paint can offer a quick and easy way to floor your basement as well as provide a durable and pleasant looking finish. For those of you with an outdoor deck and patio it can be very relaxing to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. However, if your patio is made of concrete, maybe it doesn’t give this warm and welcoming feel you desire. So why not create the perfect backyard space to promote relaxation and serenity while sitting in the comfort of friends? There are many different aspects of exterior design that can change a dull space into an exhilarating outdoor wonderland. One particular way to change an outside space from drab and boring to colorful and exciting is with a simple coat of concrete patio paint colors. It is easy to paint your existing outdoor flooring or even tint the surface of the concrete with a stain to create a new look. There are many different color options when it comes to painting concrete floors. When choosing to use the best concrete paint colors for outdoor, you will want to be sure to choose a type of paint that is specifically for exterior concrete so that it will stick to the material and last a long time.



You can use the same paint that is used on garage flooring for your patio because it is made specifically for concrete. If you wish to add some color and excitement to your deck you add different colored accent patterns into the concrete to add some extra pizazz to the space. If you choose to paint your patio, it is a good idea to put a new coat on the concrete every couple of years in order to keep the paint looking fresh. Another option is staining your concrete. Staining concrete is a very popular technique used to add a unique touch to any home. There are many online tutorials on how to stain a concrete patio that can help you with the process of staining. The stain used to color concrete is an acid stain that consists of a mixture of hydrochloric acid, water, and acid-soluble metallic salts. The concrete is stained by the mixture infiltrating the surface and chemically reacting with the hydrated lime that is already in the stone. After this reaction occurs, the stain produces a permanently colored slab of concrete where the tint will not chip or fade away. This process is relatively simple and can be made into a DIY concrete stain home project.



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Other outdoor areas that you can apply paint are a concrete driveway or pool deck. Painting your pool deck is an easy way to brighten up the area and create a water wonderland. The best paint for concrete above ground pool deck is one that creates a slip resistant surface and also can withstand harsh pool chemicals and the outdoor weather. Epoxy based paint is great for this because it is made of a very durable material. Concrete driveway paint is similar to that used in garages and can come in many colors. Simply add a coat of paint to your driveway to create the look of a brand new one. If you do not wish to paint your driveway but do want to create a new look, driveway seals is a great option. Concrete floor sealer forms an impermeable layer that seals your driveway to protect it from absorption of salts and water that can cause corrosion. Another great option to fix up a cracked driveway is to resurface it. Concrete driveway resurfacing consists of applying a thin layer of new layer of concrete polymer that fills in any cracks and creates the look of a new driveway.


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