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Perennial Plants


There are an endless variety of planting options available for springtime growing, from lush annuals and perennials to beautiful flowering shrubs.  Flowers are a quintessential element to round out your landscape design, providing gorgeous blooms and an endless variety of colors, sizes and scents to the space. Beginning diy gardeners often ask us about the differences between perennial vs. annual flower varieties. The answer is quite simple. The common perennial definition is a plant that lives for more than one year, re-blooming each spring. As opposed to annual plants which, as their name implies, must be replanted every growing season. Browse our popular online gallery of garden photos for fabulous pictures of perennials perfect to plant in your landscape. Whether you are looking for gorgeous flower varieties to brighten up curbside areas or beautiful foliage to accent backyard entertaining spaces, here you will find helpful guides on the best types of perennial plants.



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Perennial plants and flowers are an essential aspect of any exterior design. They provide color, texture and decorative interest to the space in the same way that wall paint, fabrics and accent pieces do in interior décor. The best landscaping shrubs and bushes infuse vibrant colorful design and lush beauty to your yard season after season. Planting beautiful perennials throughout your landscape is the perfect solution to bring long lasting beauty to any lackluster yard. Tje best types of flowering trees and plants are incredibly versatile and can be utilized for a variety of purposes, from brightly colored ground cover to exotic ornamental grasses and everything in between. They flourish in a wide range of conditions, including full shade to hardy perennials for the sun. The value and versatility of these beautiful landscape shrubs with fuss-free plants that thrive year after year make designing your landscape with perennials a very obvious and budget-friendly choice.

When selecting the best perennial seeds it is important to first consider a variety of factors in order to ensure that your landscaping plants for shade will thrive. Remember to evaluate your yard conditions, regional climate and weather patterns prior to investing valuable time or money.  Factors like choosing full sun versus shade loving perennials can mean the difference between a lush garden and a barren dying flower bed. For example, in dry areas of the country know for blistering hot summers it is essential to select drought tolerant plants like hardy geranium, veronica and other resilient summer blooming perennials, to ensure that they flourish throughout the season.  Similarly, do not forget to indentify your property’s plant hardiness zone when choosing perennial flowers.  Zone 5 perennials such as blue star and geraniums are some of the most hardy plants because these pouplar flower garden ideas are in able to thrive in much colder regions than more common varieties in zones 6, 7 and 8.


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Get creative and consider all senses when selecting the perfect perennials for your landscape.  Intersperse visually interesting colorful garden flowers with gloriously fragrant mona lavender and bluestone to stimulate your eyes as well as your nose.  This will create a relaxing outdoor oasis that instantly transports you to a relaxed state of mind.  If you do not have an expansive yard space to create a beautiful garden retreat, you can bring the same gorgeous and fragrant perennials to any outdoor area with potted plants. Incorporate fabulous design in drab apartment patios and townhome decks by filling decorative pots with vibrant blue and purple flowers for an instant pop of color. You can even grow flowering vines such as climbing rose plants to bring lush design and height to those cramped spaces lacking room for a garden bed or potted plants. Choosing the perfect perennial plant for your needs will transform any outdoor design ideas.

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers.  If you have planted perennials you will see flowers popping up in early springwith very little maintenance. Expert gardeners love perennials due to their longevity, unique variety and beautiful vibrant colors.  In order to ensure that those fabulous perennials thrive, it is important for these simple landscape design ideas to understand proper cultivation and care of your particular plant varieties. These plant types are quite varied, ranging in species from perennial rye grass to various garden mums and classic tulips. As such, each involves a different type of maintenance.  For example, popular shade plants such as coral bells or a creeping phlox perennial do not require a lot of trimming and pruning due to their relatively slow growing nature, but do need moist well-drained soil to thrive. On the other hand, high sun plants like a gerbera daisy often grow quickly and therefore need frequent pruning and watering.


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Selecting the perfect perennials to integrate throughout your best landscaping ideas can be a difficult process due to the endless variety of fantastic options available today. Check out our popular free online gardening showroom filled with fabulous resources for the diy home landscaper.  From informative how to guides, creative diy gardening tips and gorgeous inspiration photos to our latest trend reports of the top garden plants for 2016, we can help you with all of your gardening questions. No matter what your planting needs may be, there is a perfect perennial for you. Brighten up an outdoor patio with vibrant yellow flowers like a perennial geranium or select hibiscus varieties for natural garden edging in curbside areas. No matter how you incorporate perennials into your landscape, our helpful guides will give you the step by step information needed to ensure that they will thrive for years to come. In no time at all, you will have a beautiful and low maintenance outdoor designs.


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