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No do it yourself home makeover is complete without unforgettable décor. With the walls as your canvas, paint color is the medium that truly brings your designs to life. The right paint color can evoke any particular mood or style you could dream of. For this reason it is very important to select the right color palettes and paint products for your project. While standing in front of the daunting paint chip display at your local home improvement warehouse, you may wonder how to choose paint colors that will look best on your walls. Do not worry -- our diy remodeling experts will help you discover the perfect paints for your home. Here you will find everything you need to transform any outdated space into the room of your dreams, from our picks for the top paint color ideas for 2014 to handy professional tricks of the trade and absolutely everything in between.



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A fresh coat of paint is a DIY project that can make the most impact on the overall design of your any room in your home. The right interior paint colors will transform a space to reflect any décor style you could dream of – from classic elegance to contemporary edge and everything in between. Picking paint colors can oftentimes be an overwhelming task due to the variety of beautiful hues and unique products available. Selecting paint colors for walls can be easy if you follow a few key tips. First it is important to narrow down an overall scheme. Any paint color chart has two major palettes to choose from – warm or cool. No matter what the hue, warm colors have a yellow undertone while cool shades have a base of ice blue. The best paint colors for your space will depend on the look you wish to achieve, cool for contemporary styles or warm for that classic Tuscan feel. Look around your interiors to select the look that is right for you.


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Whether you are looking for fabulous new kitchen paint colors or a fresh hue for your bedroom it is important to consider a few key points. Once you have established whether you will be searching on the warm or cool paint color wheel it is time to identify the overall look you want to create. Do you prefer neutral colors or wish to make a bold statement with your palette. Our expert remodelers recommend browsing our galleries of popular paint colors for 2013 to discover the amazing potential for your space and identify the style you wish to recreate. The hottest new trends in wall paint color ideas for 2014 bring bold pops of color to unexpected areas like ceilings and trims. Gone are the days of neutral ceiling paint. Instead, top designers are bringing dark vibrant hues to this forgotten canvas, with coordinating lighter shades on surrounding walls.

Next time you are indecisive while choosing new living room paint colors remember our simple steps for success. First, for overall wall color select a minimum of three similar shades in the same family then take home paint color samples to coat a small portion of the room. Oftentimes home paint color ideas that look fabulous in the store do not translate identically on your own walls. Once you have selected the best paint colors for your space, it is important to purchase the correct base and primer for your job to ensure a long-lasting coat. When purchasing for rooms that require extra durability like bathroom paint colors, look for great new products such as mildew resistant primers or high traffic bases. While a bit more costly up front, these outstanding products will save you significant time and money in the future as well as keep your walls looking beautiful.

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An important point to consider when discussing a DIY makeover with paint is the best brand and product for your project. From high quality Sherwin Williams paint colors to bargain brands, there are dozens of options available to the average consumer. As such, it can be challenging to distinguish the differences between each. The rule of thumb when selecting home paint colors is that you get what you pay for. The more expensive brands such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams offer unmatched coverage and unique product innovations such bases that absorb foul odors in the kitchens or baths as well as built in primers and basecoats. Popular bargain brands such as Behr paint colors are both cost efficient and available in a myriad of hues, however, often require more coats and regular repainting to maintain hue. Keep this in mind as you shop.

These key principles are just as important when selecting exterior paint colors for your house. Choosing a paint color to be used outdoors is very similar to finding a hue for your living room walls. However, instead of matching colors to existing textiles and decorative accents you will be coordinating with natural landscaping, building material or surrounding homes. The same techniques should be employed when choosing a color palette for curbside designs as you use for picking bedroom paint colors. For example, first decide upon a cool or warm color scheme. Homes surrounded by vast deep green spruces or evergreen box hedges will look wonderful in a cool tone while those with vibrant red and orange foliage would shine in a warm hue. Remember your rules for contrasting paint color ideas. Painting colors in complementary hues such as a warm yellow house with deep burgundy trim or a red brick home with vibrant teal door, increases design interest and will ensure that decorative focal features are highlighted.


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