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Whether you hire experienced professionals or are embarking on a DIY makeover, unforgettable design relies on those subtle finishing touches such as decorative accents, fixtures and, most importantly, wall paint. With the walls as your canvas, a fresh coat of paint can single handedly give an outdated space a contemporary new look or define a specific design style. For this reason, it is important to select the best wall colors for your project. Picking paint colors can be challenging. With the vast rainbow of options, identifying the perfect shade for your room may seem like an overwhelming task. Do not worry - our design experts will navigate you through the selection process to help you discover the perfect colour ideas for your space. Here you will find our guide filled with the top wall paint color ideas 2016 as well as handy do it yourself tips.


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Paint colors for walls are a key element in all design plans. The right shade can define a decor style, set a mood or highlight any of your favorite simple room design colors. For this reason, decorating with paint requires research and preparation to ensure that the new space perfectly embodies your desired look. The first thing to consider prior to narrowing down any new wall color ideas is the overall palette you wish to work with. Whether you are looking for beautiful neutral colors or a bold vibrant hue, all shades fall into one of two major categories – warm or cool. Today’s great wall paint color ideas feature a palette of hues that all fall into the same shade category. This will ensure that, no matter which hues you select, all will coordinate harmoniously. Remember that cool tones should be selected when creating contemporary designs, while warm color schemes can be chosen to evoke a more elegant style in traditional homes.


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If you are nearing the end of your remodeling project and still have not narrowed down a final color palette, we have a few helpful tips to point you in the right direction. First, begin by browsing our popular galleries of home design photos. Oftentimes, indecisive homeowners simply need a little inspiration to discover the amazing potential of a space. When evaluating décor pictures and matching paint colors for your own home, be sure to look at the surrounding finishes such a flooring, architectural accents and trim work. A popular wall colour that looks fabulous against dark wood floors and crisp white trim may not translate the same in a home with neutral carpet and beige woodwork. You can easily avoid this design mishap by purchasing samples of today’s most popular interior paint colors.  Cover a small portion of your wall and observe how the hue appears in the room throughout the day under varying light conditions then pick your favorite shade.


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Understanding how to choose paint colors varies from room to room. When experimenting with unique color trends for interior spaces it is important to understand the best looks for each type of area. For example, the best bathroom colors for 2016 include light, neutral hues such as tan and grey, as well as organic shades like a cool crisp blue or green. Light soothing colors are preferred for bathrooms because they illuminate and create the illusion of more space in these generally small rooms. When choosing a wall paint color for other areas of the home like a kitchen or living room, there is more flexibility to get creative and have fun with bold new shades. Our favorite choices for paint colors for kitchens are vibrant hues that stimulate your appetite while creating lively environment to entertain and prepare meals. Consider rich teals and bold reds or, for a more muted palette, a beautiful crisp cool grey paired with eye catching accent colors.

While some areas of the home encourage whimsical experimentation with wall colors, other rooms must rely on a more understated design statement with paint. For example, designers agree that modern bedroom paint colors should not be bright and overwhelming. This space should be filled with subtle neutral tones that create a calming atmosphere to promote relaxation. Selecting lighter color trends does not mean a room will be drab and devoid of style. Consider wall color schemes in cool crisp greys or subtle relaxing blues with imaginative pops of vibrant orange or a bold cranberry accent color to infuse design interest. These simple do it yourself design ideas can be carried to paint colors for a living room. Rather than selecting bold wall color schemes, pick a trendy neutral for walls then develop visual interest via rich textiles or a bright shade for the ceiling. Have fun with color and think outside of the box to create an unforgettable space.

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