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If you’re ready to install a pool in your backyard, then be ready for to transform your landscape in to a tropical entertaining area.  Backyard swimming pools tend to bring the entire landscape design together.  But choosing between above ground pool and inground pool installation is a tough decision.  Both swimming pool types offer many benefits and have their drawbacks.  Not to mention, there are several pool types under each category.  This article focusses on teaching you all about swimming pool installation to help you make the best educated decision for your backyard landscape design, and in turn making the install process go smooth.   



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When it comes to swimming pool installation cost, above ground pools are the cheapest solution.  Above the ground pools and spas are less expensive to install, and much cheaper to maintain.  The life expectancy of these pools averages about 15-20 years, depending how much you and the family use the pool.  Swimming pool liner installation will last about five years and most times need to be replaced after that.  But besides the liner, minimal maintenance is required year round.  If you want to install a home swimming pool yourself diy style, then we certainly would recommend learning how to build above the ground pools, as the installing process is significantly easier than an in ground pool.   Be sure to review your city regulations to ensure a proper building location in your backyard.




Keep in mind, after you build the above ground pool, you’ll most likely also want to build a deck that connects the pool to the house without the hassle of climbing a ladder to get in.  We offer the best above ground pool deck plans, designs, and ideas customized for your ground layout.   Learning how to build above ground pool decks is not an easy process and most likely will take a professional company to help with the installation.  You’ll have to decide on the decking material and have to choose between stamped concrete patios, traditional wood decks, or composite materials.  The challenge of building the pool deck will be well worth it in the end, as the deck truly brings makes an above ground pool look marvelous from eye level, as opposed to a giant tacky tub in your backyard.



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In ground pool installation prices is an entirely new ball game and will most likely need to be installed by professional and insured contractors.  We highly recommend you shop around and get several quotes from dependable companies.  Prices on inground pools installed for professional design plans and can be very expensive to install and complicated due to the concrete foundation and structural reliability of the landscaped plot.  Choose a concrete pool installation company that specializes in these needs to avoid the hassle of a badly constructed concrete pool that can not only cost a lot to fix, but also be structurally dangerous for your swimmers.  Lastly, try to find a pool construction company that offers a turn-key solution and doesn’t subcontract. 



If you’re determined to reduce the cost of the swimming pool by installing it yourself, we recommend download free swimming pool design software.  Our most recommended diy tip is to shop around before making any purchases on pool supplies.  Pool designer software will help you create a workable inground pool designs for small backyard designs and construction plan that is custom fit for your backyard landscape.  Many discount pool retailers will offer package deals combining all the needed equipment for in the ground pools into one purchase, and in turn able to offer you a significant discount.  Inground or above the ground fiberglass pool installation requires you to buy the best swimming pool supplies and equipment to keep this beast running smoothly and safe. 


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