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Kitchen Lighting

The best kitchen lighting ideas designs & pictures for 2016 should brighten your kitchen and add a beautiful new look to the space. There are a variety of unique home lighting collections to choose from, ranging from wall mounted, recessed, or hanging lights. However, the style and design of your light fixtures is not the most important feature of kitchen lighting. The key to achieving a beautiful and functional kitchen is the placement of your lighting units. Different areas of the kitchen have different purposes. For example, the countertops are for cutting and preparing food while the stovetop is for cooking. Because of the diversity of tasks performed in the kitchen, it is important to choose your lighting according to how you use the space. One of the best ways to get an idea of where your lighting should be focused is to look at pictures of kitchens because they cannot only help inspire your design scheme, but help with light placement as well. Once you have determined the proper position of your lights, the next step is to choose the type and style of your fixtures.


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The number of bright kitchen lighting options available is endless, with a variety of different designs and styles to choose from. However, the top kitchen lighting ideas for 2016 include overhead recessed, under the cabinet, and pendant lighting. Overhead lighting is one of the best options for in the kitchen because it provides the perfect spotlight over any area that will make preparing and cooking meals easier. Recessed ceiling lights come in a variety of different styles such as fluorescent, led, stationary and adjustable fixtures. Fluorescent kitchen light fixtures tend to last up to 20 times longer than normal bulbs and have lower energy costs. In spite of these benefits, recessed lighting fixtures with fluorescent bulbs tend to be dimmer than other lights. As seen in our kitchen photo gallery, LED bulbs are great for the modern design light because they tend to be brighter than fluorescent kitchen ceiling light fixtures and more functional for this space. Led kitchen lights are smaller and brighter than regular bulbs and last much longer before burning out.


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Led lighting is commonly used in kitchens because they provide the most illumination while using the least amount of energy. These bulbs are great for kitchen lights over the sink or countertops to provide ample brightness to the area. Kitchen pendant light fixtures are commonly used as an overhead option over recessed lighting because this fixture provides more focused light to counters, stoves and other spaces in the room. Pendant lights are an overhead fixture to use in this room and are often more popular because they have more style and elegance to them. Modern designed kitchens tend to use pendant fixtures in their design because they add a sleek and simple look to the kitchen. These fixtures are ceiling mounted lights that hand down with a small shade at the end. Kitchen pendant ceiling lamps are great for any area of the room, however, they are best used over and island or table. Kitchen island ideas with hanging lights should to be bright enough to illuminate this space, but also add some flair to the area, which is why pendant lighting is a well-liked choice.

Another popular option for this room is under the counter kitchen lighting. This type of lighting method is great for counter spaces that have cabinets installed above them because they provide light to the area, allowing you to see what you are doing. Kitchen countertop ideas with lights can be installed underneath of the wall mounted cabinet to provide illumination for the area without creating unwanted shadows. Under the cabinet led lighting is the most popular choice because these bulbs are brighter and use less energy. Under the cabinet lights are great for highlighting a beautiful backsplash, countertop, or tiling job as well as for use as a night light during the evening. In addition, this type of fixture is a great option for small kitchen lighting ideas because they provide the most additional light while taking up the least amount of space. Wall lights are very popular ideas for small kitchens because they take up little room and are stationed lower than overhead ceiling fixtures so they provide a great amount of brightness for the area.


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One of the most popular brands of lighting to use throughout your home, especially in your kitchen, is Kichler. Kichler kitchen lights are the perfect way to add a decorative touch to your home and are designed with style and elegance in mind. In addition, this brand offers decorative light fixtures for other rooms including the dining room and bathroom. Dining room lighting is an important feature of this areas décor because it will set the mood of the room and provide a special ambiance to the space. Rustic lighting is a great choice for the dining room because it creates a soothing environment. Chandeliers and other types of hanging lights are most commonly used in this area. There are also a variety of special units for outdoor kitchen lighting that is weather proof and capable of withstanding the elements of the outside. One of the best units to install in an outdoor kitchen is a fan. Outdoor kitchen ideas with fans with lights not only brighten the area to extend the amount of time you can spend outside but they also provide a nice cooling breeze for hot summer days.

If you are looking for cheap light fixtures for your home, there are a variety of different options for you. The type of style of lighting you choose for your home will determine the overall price. If you are looking to save money during the purchase, try to steer away from led units as these tend to be more expensive. Fluorescent bulbs and incandescent lighting will cost less than led bulbs. If you prefer cheap under the cabinet lights, one of the best diy home design ideas that will save you money is to use rope lighting for this fixture. Rope lights are also popular among kitchen decorating ideas above the cabinets because they provide a nice glow and can be used to highlight plants or other décor. If you have hanging lights or pendant lighting in your kitchen, a great way to save some extra money when remodeling is to re-use your existing fixtures and simple replace the shades. Lamp shades are much less costly than the entire fixture and you can add a wonderful element of style and flair to simple kitchen designs by using bright colors or fancy patterns.

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