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New kitchen designs are always in high demand with it being the heart of the home, bringing families and friends together while preparing meals and sharing stories at the dinner table. Because this is a popular space in the house, the kitchen design ideas used during renovation or construction are key to creating an attractive and functional room. Whether big or small, remodeled kitchens not only enhance your current living space but also add on to the resale value of your home. As a result, choosing the right color schemes, floor plans, and design layouts are important aspects of your remodeling project. There are a variety of different renovation options to choose from, whether it be the most popular kitchen design ideas from 2016 or the newest trends for 2016. No matter the style you choose, this article is a great tool for any DIY homeowner to use when looking for their dream kitchen designs and layouts. In addition, you can download kitchen design software online to help you easily make plans that work for both diy and professional contractors.


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The first step in how to remodel a kitchen is to plan ahead. Before beginning your remodeling project sit down and really think about the design and style you are trying to achieve and come up with a budget that is suitable for your needs. Kitchen remodeling ideas can easily become the most expensive renovation project in your home if you do not create and stick to the proper budget. In order to develop the right budget for you, consider how extensive you would like this project to be. Complete renovation of your kitchen will cost a significant amount of money, while a few refurbishing embellishments will be more inexpensive. Research the products and materials you would like to incorporate into your kitchen to determine the estimated cost of this project. Kitchen ideas on a budget include completing most of the labor on your own. Floor, counter, cabinets and backsplash tile ideas can be turned into a do it yourself task for homeowners who have experience with remodeling. Keep in mind that professional help will cost you more money than a diy project. However, despite the cost of labor, hiring a professional may be the best option for first inexperienced home renovators.


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For 2016, the most popular kitchen design ideas can range from simple, modern styles to more intricate styles such as Victorian, country, or Mediterranean. Some homeowners may already have the style and layout of their future kitchen chosen, however many for those DIY designers who are unsure of where to begin consider looking at decorating pictures and design galleries online for inspiration. A design gallery of kitchen pictures online will provide you with the most popular styles and trends in decorating in 2012. Not only do picture galleries provide you with recent popular interior design styles, but they are also great for predicting future trends in kitchen decor for 2016. The internet is the best source for luxury kitchen design plans and you can find great galleries online. These sites not only provide you with design images but also offer online floor plans and kitchen design software that will help you create the right layout.

These programs allow you to not only digitally construct blueprints and floor plans for your house, but also allow you to incorporate different products and accessories into the design and then virtually tour the finished product. 3D kitchen design tools are made specifically to help plan and decorate this room while offering best cabinet layouts, backsplash tile colors and a catalog of popular brands and products with the appropriate pricing and measurements to help you construct the perfect room layout for your home. Choose the right floor plan and design for a small kitchen in order to make the most out of the existing space. Popular small kitchen layouts and storage ideas include the addition of a movable island with extra cabinet space, a pantry built into the wall, and ceiling mounted cookware racks. These simple additions help to create more space as well as prevent unwanted clutter that is very common among small areas.


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Popular kitchen countertop ideas for country styles include checked, textured, calico or floral fabrics sewed to create pocket gathered curtains that hang beautifully in the windows. Whether you choose a specific style or create your own custom look, it is important to make sure that each aspect of your kitchen is the best option for your overall design. The three most important features of a kitchen include the wall color, the flooring material, and the cabinetry. These elements take up the majority of space in the room and create key focal points in the design plan. In 2012, some of the most popular paint color ideas for the kitchen include calming hues such as blues, grays, and yellows, as well as earth tones such as greens, light browns, and creams. Other great colors for the kitchen include shades of red, which whets the palette and arouses the appetite while creating a beautiful, stimulating environment. Remember that the walls take up about 2/3 of the surface area of every room so choosing the right paint color for your design is important. Your layout is another large space in your room, and the best type of kitchen flooring you choose is important in both the design and functionality of the area.

Tile is one of the best materials to use in the kitchen because it is water resistant, durable, and decorative. Kitchen backsplash tile ideas include porcelain, ceramic, slate, cement, vinyl and laminate, all sturdy and durable materials that come in a variety of different color and design schemes. These materials can be used both on the floor and as tile for your kitchen cabinet countertops. Because its resistance to water and durability, tile is great for use on both the counters and the floor because the kitchen is a space in the house where a lot of activity takes place and is prone to spills. Tile can also be used in the backsplash to protect the walls around the cooking surfaces of your kitchen counters. Popular tiled backsplash in kitchens include using one solid colored tile throughout the whole design, or creating more elaborate patterns with big or small multicolored or textured tiles. Selecting the 2016 kitchen cabinets can be overwhelming because they are not only an important feature in your design, but they are also an expensive and long-term addition to your home.

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