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Kitchen Colors


Seeing as the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, it is essential to create a warm and inviting environment in terms of kitchen layout, design, color combinations, and decor. One of the key steps in creating this type of place is choosing the right color scheme for the kitchen. For first time do it yourselfers, figuring out what colors to paint a kitchen can be a intimidating task. How do you know what hues will make this space open and inviting, what type of paint should be used in this high-heat and high-traffic area, or even what the best color for a kitchen is? Our experts here provide you with the answers to these daunting questions through our array of task specific articles and endless photo galleries. Here you will find information about the top kitchen paint colors for 2016, the type of finish to use in this space, and even what brand names to trust.


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When choosing the best kitchen colors, whether it is for the exterior or interior, you want to consider the style and design of the rest of your home. While bright blues, yellows and greens are all pretty colors, they may not fit well with a more understated or traditional design. In general, the color schemes in all of the rooms in your home should be similar in order for your design to flow from space to space, however you can have different contrasts. The best way to choose what shades to use is to first pick which design trends you would like to follow. Browsing through our collection of photo galleries will provide you with numerous pictures of kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms to help you get started on your design ideas. You want to make sure to choose hues that fit your personal style and taste, however you will need to ensure that these colors match your design. For example contemporary colors often consist of beige, ivory, blue and tan, however more traditional hues include deep reds, dark browns, and darker yellows.


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In the kitchen you have a lot of room for creativity because of the number of different features in this space. Not only can you choose kitchen wall paint colors, but you can also choose which hues you would like your kitchen cabinets, countertops, table, chairs, and even appliances. For example you may want to create a color scheme in your kitchen that resembles that of an old 1950s diner with white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, black and white tile flooring, formica countertops, plus decorative red upholstered chairs and accent pieces. On the other hand if you are more traditional and are not up to refacing kitchen cabinets white you can opt for the natural look of stained wood. While there are a variety of different colors of stain to choose from, the type of stain that is used on wooden cabinets is often determined by the type of wood used. Cherry cabinets tend to carry a darker, red-tinted, brown stain while pine is typically left in a natural finish. Similarly, oak cabinets tend to be stained a lighter brown to highlight the beauty of the wood.

Stray from the norm and choose to paint your kitchen cabinetry with a color that is not generally used. For example, out of the ordinary kitchen cabinet colors can include a forest green paired with rustic yellow walls to create a country theme or a pale blue wash balanced by white walls to create a beach inspired style. You can even paint your cabinets black paired with chrome handles and knobs for a sleek modern look. However, it is important to use caution with black kitchen designs, as this dark hue can make the room appear dark and crowded. Black cabinetry can be especially unfavorable in small kitchens because cabinets often cover the majority of the walls and this color does not allow the refection of light, thus causing the room to seem even tinier. If you enjoy black and wish to integrate this color into your d├ęcor, incorporate it into smaller pieces such as appliances, your table and chairs, or an ornamental tile backsplash. Black in particular makes a great accent shade in warm kitchen color schemes of yellows, oranges, and reds.


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Similar to using dark hues on walls and cabinets, you should also be cautious when using black or dark brown paint on cabinetry in kitchen designs with islands. While islands add extra space to cook and store items, it also adds extra surface area that take up floor space in the room. A great way to ensure that a custom designed island does not make the room appear crowded is to use lighter colors such as ivory, white, or pale yellow on the cabinetry. In fact, these pale hues are among some of the most popular paint colors for 2016 and can be contrasted nicely by smaller, dark accent pieces like black picture frames, vases, and sink faucets. However, a great way to incorporate the darker shades of the color wheel into your design is to install dark countertops. Some of the newest countertop design ideas and color trends include black, brown, grey and even navy blue. You can find these beautiful kitchen colors in a variety of stones and granite, and can also purchase custom stained concrete countertops to install.

When searching for the perfect modern kitchen ideas homeowners will go to a variety of sources such as the internet, home improvement stores, and specialty stores for pictures, designs, or information. However, many homeowners ask themselves the question “What color should I paint my kitchen?” without considering other factors such as the type or sheen. Choosing the best paint color involves much more than selecting your favorite hue. Some homeowners may want to focus on choosing feng shui colors such as natural blues, forest greens, and wood inspired browns, while others prefer to focus on the durability of the paint. Because the kitchen is subject to food and grease stains you will want to use paint that is resilient and easy to clean. Paints with a semi-gloss or gloss finish tend to be more durable and stain resistant and are ideal for the kitchen, however this look is not for everyone. If you are unsure of how this sheen will look, try getting small paint samples in your favorite Sherwin Williams colors and apply them to your walls to see how it will look in your kitchen.

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