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Recently country house designs have become very popular in the real-estate and construction market. The small warm rooms of rustic country décor create a sense of comfort and a welcoming feel to those that enter the home. A country home is designed to complement the natural beauty of its surroundings. Therefore they often have beautiful wrap around porches that can extend across the entire house. This adds an area for the family to gather outside during cool summer nights and enjoy the great outdoors and their surroundings. But a country style home does not only have to be located out near a farm surrounded by nature. This very popular type of style for 2017 can easily be included in modern house design ideas. Implementing unique country home décor into city residences such as town houses can create the rustic warm feel of a farm house.



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Whether you are building your custom dream home or simply remodeling, this web page discusses popular country home designs and how to incorporate them into your décor.It is very simple to remodel your house to have a more farm country feel by simply changing the color of paint on your walls. A light color scheme should be chosen for the walls, using pastel shades that promote a sense of warmth and comfort. Light shades of yellows, reds, blues, or greens are great paint colors to choose from. The paleness of the hues will make the room look right but will also add a sense of comfort to your space. Having white woods throughout the room can create an aged effect and also brighten up the room. White wood baseboards and windowsills in addition to aged wooden furniture are great country cottage decorating ideas. When it comes to country decorations for the home you should choose accessories that have an old vintage look to them.




Country interior design ideas often go with a component of organized clutter where there are a lot of decorations strewn about the room, but in an organized fashion. You can hang family photos throughout a room with vintage frames, and mirrors are also pretty popular when decorating country style homes. Find a mirror that has an antique looking frame to go with the distressed look of the house. Mirrors can also make a dark room seem brighter with the light reflecting off of it. A great place to hang a large mirror is in the living room above a mantel, this will be a beautiful addition to the space. When it comes to fabrics and upholstery to use in this type of design florals and natural materials are your go to choice. You can incorporate fabric into your design in curtains, bedding, or upholstered chairs and couches. Toile is another pattern choice when it comes to French country home décor. Adding different colors and textures through fabric will make your space look beautiful. 



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The most popular type of paintings that go great with country style home designs is animals such as roosters or foods such as various fruits. Paintings of these figures are often in rustic color tones which will look great with the paint colors chosen. Flooring is another important feature in country ranch house plans. You should be sure to choose natural materials for your floors such as stone, clay, untreated wood, or brick. This will give you the natural looks that feels like it has been well lived in.The exterior of your house is also an important feature in the design aspect. Some of our most popular country diy home design ideas for your exterior include having roofs with multiple slopes, dormer windows, windows of various sizes and heights, bold shutters, and large wrap around porches. French country style house plans usually incorporate large porches into the design because they provide a family with a place to sit outdoors and enjoy each other’s company on a cool summer’s night.



Extended from the rest of the house is a porch roof that can even have ceiling fans as well. In homes that do not have central air conditioning this can be a wonderful place to escape from the heat during hot summers. Beautiful shutters on the windows of small cottage house plans add a sense of rustic beauty while also providing extra protection to your home during extreme weather. White shutters go great with beach house designs using greens and blues for an oceanic appearance. For inspiration on your country luxury home designs, the internet can be a great resource. There are many French country house plans with photos available online that can give ideas for your home décor. Internet photo galleries can provide a lot of inspiration for those having trouble with their contemporary house designs. Using a country style design for your home can add real beauty to your space. Whether you are building your dream home or simply remodeling, you can incorporate this style into large or small houses plans.


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