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When it comes to outdoor storage, oftentimes your houses do not have any designated space. Garden shed storage can be a very useful addition to any home. Garden sheds are the most popular type of exterior storage space to be incorporated into a back yard design. There are a variety of garden sheds that are available for purchase at your local home improvement stores such as lowes and home depot. Or if you prefer to design your own shed, there are many options to build your own outdoor self storage. If you are unsure of how exactly you would like your unit to look, there are many outdoor garden shed designs, storage ideas and pictures on our webpage that can help to give you inspiration. You can either have a professional construct you a custom built storage shed or do it yourself. If you want create a shed design plan as your weekend project, there are many online tutorials that can help you with your designs. Whether you buy one or build one, there are many different options to choose from when it comes to sheds.



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The first thing you will want to do is decide on the location where you will place your new garden shed. There are many different garden design ideas that incorporate storage units into the plans. you may want a free standing shed that is in the middle of your garden, or you may wish to have your unit in a more concealed area where it cannot be seen. It might be helpful for you to search through our photos of sheds and garages to find some ideas on where you will place your unit. The size of your storage space may also effect where you decide to build it. Small sheds can be placed almost anywhere without taking up a lot of space. If you choose to build a large unit you will want this to be offset in the corner of your yard or attached to your home so that it does not take up too much of your yard space. Creative backyard pictures can help you decide upon the perfect location to put your unit. Building a garden shed of any size can be a simple way to remodel your back yard while also providing you with the outdoor storage you need.

If you are choosing to build a unit from scratch there are many different options to do so. You can have professionals come in to complete the remodeling project for you, or you can also find simple diy shed projects to complete on your own. If you choose the diy garden shed route you can find some great design plans online. Popular backyard designs for 2016 are using A-frame or barn-style designs. Finding free garden shed plans of the type of unit you want will help you to complete the project easily. Sheds and barns can be built out of many different materials including wood, metal, plastic, or brick. Wooden storage sheds are the most popular type of units and can often be easier to build. Cedar wood is a great material to build a storage unit out of because it offers a beautiful and unique look. When building your wood storage buildings you will also want to choose the types of doors you want. Doors for storage sheds are often regular wooden doors similar to the ones in your home. However, if your shed is on the larger side you may wish to have special doors such as French doors or even sliding garage doors.


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If you choose to purchase a shed rather than build one yourself, there are many options ranging from fiberglass buildings to outdoor patio storage solutions. You can purchase Suncast sheds online or in stores and they come in a variety of sizes. They often have large doors and multiple windows to add a beautiful touch to your yard. These are resin sheds, which is a type of dense moldable plastic. Resin is a similar material to vinyl siding and can be constructed at a low price. Other plastic storage sheds you can buy are the Rubbermaid or lifetime. Rubbermaid sheds are a little smaller than Suncast ones, but still hold a lot of tools. They are made of plastic and are pretty affordable, these are also portable storage shed and can be moved throughout the yard easily. Lifetime sheds are similar to Suncast in design features, however these units are customizable to fit your garden tool shed needs. Lifetime units have a steel frame structure with metal enforced shelves. Similar to garage design, metal sheds often make for very sturdy and long lasting solutions.

Another type of purchasable storage unit is Arrow sheds. These are very affordable and durable products that come in storage shed kits to be assembled on your own. These cheap garden sheds are less expensive than other brands but are still very sturdy. They are made of steel enforced materials to make for long lasting units that can store a lot of your garden supplies. Searching online for different garden shed prices can help you find the most affordable unit that can fit into your budget. Lean to sheds are another option for storage when you do not need a large unit. These are small sheds with a slanted roof that extend from the side of your house. For those of you that have very little to store, they can be the perfect outside garden storage solutions. If you wish to have a more modern and unique unit in your yard you can choose to build prefab sheds. These are units that are not used as storage, but as extra rooms for a home. Prefab sheds are often used as home offices or sitting areas to add a modern touch to your home.


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Another popular type of unit to install in your yard is the garden shed greenhouse combination. If you grow a lot of your own plants you may wish to incorporate a greenhouse into your shed plans. you can search our photos for new greenhouse design ideas to help you determine the type of unit you wish to install in your yard. This can be a great way to grow different plants, such as vegetable and fruit gardens to protect them from any outside pests. Whether you are building a diy garden shed or purchasing one from a store, there are many options to consider when choosing your perfect unit. If you are on a budget you can search online for garden shed kits for sale in order to find the perfect prices. These easy to assemble kits come in many different sizes and materials so that you can choose the perfect design for your yard. Simple garden ideas include adding a storage shed to your exterior plans to suit your storage needs and add a beautiful touch to your yard.


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