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Choosing colors for your home can be a difficult task because of the broad range of options you have for hues, textures, and designs. You want to make sure to pick the right color scheme that represents your personality while add the same time adding an attractive style to each room of your home. Painting a bedroom can be an even more daunting task because the mood and style of this room is more important than any other. Interior house painting ideas and reviews suggest that neutral tones and cool, pale colors are best to use inside the home in order to create a relaxing calming environment in your space.The bedroom is not just a place for sleeping, but it is also your personal sanctuary, a place to escape the everyday stresses of work and life and relax. As a result, it is important to choose decorating home paint colors that are not only reflective of your personality, but also create a calming environment for you to unwind after a long day.


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There are a variety of colors because you can choose from any shade of color from the rainbow. Whether it’s light, dark or in between, your bedroom paint color ideas are limitless. The newest bedroom paint colors for 2012 include warm, earthy tones, bright colors with a more urban feel, and rich elegant shades to create and inviting environment. These amazing color schemes were the best for bedroom design ideas this year because they added just the right amount of color to each space. The top interior room colors online were warm reds, pale oranges and light purples for the earthy tones, shades of gray, bright yellows and elaborate reds for urban dwellers, and rich reds, browns and blues for a more elegant feel. In the next year the color schemes will be switched up a little with the latest trends in bedroom paint colors 2014 expected to have a more natural and elegant component.


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When choosing your color schemes for your home, it is important to factor in the design of your exterior as well. Exterior paint color combinations are very similar to interior ones, focusing on neutral shades of creams, tans, and light browns as well as shades of blue, grays, and greens. Neutral exteriors offer more variety for your interior design ideas, however try to blend the outside of your home with the inside to create an attractive overall style. Although you should consider other parts of your bedroom, it is important to plan the color décor before simply jumping into the project. Particular paint color schemes and combinations for small bedroom ideas look better than others, so try to choose shades that work well together. How to choose interior paint colors for inside a house will depend on what smaller bedroom you are painting, the age of the occupant, their personality, and the style you would like to achieve.

The best boys bedroom ideas are often painted with more masculine colors such as blues, greens, and grays, taking on themes with cars, trucks, and jungles. When your child becomes older, they may want to get rid of the juvenile designs in their room and choose a theme of their own. Teenage girls bedroom paint colors can still evoke a sense of femininity with pinks and purples, however darker, antique colors are often more popular.  As your boy gets older, he may want a more simple design for his bedroom. Popular colors for boys include navy blues, dark greens, and shades of brown. If you are at a loss for ideas and are having a hard time choosing the right color scheme for your child’s bedroom, try looking at images of kids bedroom paint colors. A photo gallery of kids bedroom ideas will speak the world to you, offering design themes for you such as fairy tale princess, underwater, jungle, and midnight sky themed rooms. Photos of bedrooms will help spark a few ideas and inspire a great, fun-filled design for a child’s room.


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Some of the best design ideas for bedrooms incorporate neutral, soothing tones with brighter accent colors to create a soft and calming environment with a little bit of flair. The hues you choose should suit your personality, however good colors to paint a bedroom include neutral tones such as whites, browns, and tans, grays, greens, and pale yellows. To get the best idea of how you would like to paint your room, try looking at decorating pictures of bedroom colors. A popular theme this year is the modern style. Modern bedroom paint ideas include simple gray, off-white, or brown shades combined with a splash of color in their accent shades of red, blue, green or yellow. When designing a modern bedroom, try to keep the overall décor simple, but create a theme throughout the entire room. Use the same accent color throughout the room in different shades using pillows, throws, or picture frames. 

The master bedroom paint color ideas include earthy tones such as cream, tan and olive green, sultry red walls combine with dark mahogany or cherry woods, or cooler shades including pale blues, light purples, and soft greens. Another great way to add style and color to your bedroom is to use painted furniture. Painted bedroom furniture can help you add color to the room or enhance old, drab pieces making them look brand new. While you can paint virtually any piece of furniture, the most popular pieces include wooden headboards, night stands, and book cases. Painted headboards are a great way to add a splash of color to your bedroom as well as create a focal point for the space. The colorfully painted furniture such as book cases, headboards, or night stands draw your eye to certain areas of the room, and adding style and flair to the space.


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