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Modern Bathroom Ideas


There are many ways to update a house to make it a more modern feel; you can renovate different rooms of the house including the kitchen, living room, or bathroom. When decorating and making a room have modern design ideas you want to be sure to keep to simple monochromatic color tones such as deep wood tones or hard-edged metal tones to add a sleek and clean feel to the room. To add a contrast to the simple tones you can choose a bright accent color such as a red or orange or blue that can add a welcoming and warm feel to the room. Bathroom light fixtures can also add a sleek contrast to the room by choosing a fixture that has a unique shape or contrasting color to add accents to the area. Using rich textured fabrics or modern style lighting with simple, unique shapes can make any room into a modern room.


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One room that a lot of time is spent in is the bathroom; hours are spent in there pampering, cleaning, and relaxing, so when renovating your bathroom decorating ideas, take a lot of care and attention should be put into it to make it beautiful and inviting. It is easy to create a modern bathroom by simply adding updated fixtures and making it look more spacious and neat. A great way to give the room a modern feel is to use wall mounted bathroom cabinets allowing a decorative style and look while also ensuring a great way to store all bath items. Another option would be to use attractive bathroom vanity ideas that have a sleek feel but are very functional. You can add to the cabinets or vanity, stylish metal fixtures that will accentuate the vanity and keep with the simple monochromatic design using sleek metals.


Modern Bathroom Decor

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When choosing cabinets or mirrors for modern and contemporary bathroom design styles it is important to make sure that the shapes of the counter tops, mirror, windows, and any other large piece in the bathroom match each other and have simple and clean lines. Ovals or straight lines often allow for a clean bold look to the room, with ovals adding a more subtle harmonious look. Another important aspect of a modern bathroom is the light fixtures that are used; you want to ensure that the small bathroom ideas are well lit so that it can be very functional. You want to be sure that which ever shape you choose, the lines match; for instance if you choose a rectangular countertop you will want to have a square or rectangular sink as well as mirror, and shower or bathtub. These matching lines will be more aesthetically pleasing and keep with the modern feel.


Modern Bathroom Designs

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For modern bathroom paint colors, it is best to stick to white or off-white tones that will be simple.  In small modern bathrooms, it is best to keep the counters clear of any light fixtures and simply have a wall- or ceiling-mounted light fixture. For larger bathrooms wall- or ceiling-mounted fixtures also work, however with more countertop space you can also add a small simple light fixture to the vanity to bring more color and ambience to the room. When creating a modern bathroom design it is also important to keep in mind that less is more; fewer items in the bathroom allow for more space to do your necessary activities and also keep a modern look. Another popular modern light source is bathroom sconce lighting and a skylight, this adds natural light to the room while keeping a simplistic and modern feel.

You will want to make sure that the bathroom storage ideas for extra space is not cluttered; clutter causes the feeling of chaos which is not something you want to feel in your modern style bathroom. Having proper storage areas such as the bathroom cabinets or vanities will allow for a place to keep all your bathroom items and not have them out in the open cluttering the space up. This article provides just a few of the many ideas that can be implemented when designing a modern bathroom. If you choose to renovate your bathroom to have a more modern look, be sure to remember to stick to simple, monochromatic colors, sleek, matching lines, and to make the most of the small space with proper storage to keep from clutter and chaos.


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