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Bathroom Makeovers


People are often afraid to use color in a new bathroom makeover because they are such small spaces. They fear that a dark shade of red or electric green can be overwhelming and make it appear smaller. While it is better opt for lighter hues that will reflect light and really open up the room, bathroom makeovers are moving more towards incorporating colors. The top bathroom makeovers in 2016 are incorporating paint colors with nature-inspired shades of blues, greens, reds, and even more vibrant pink hues to contrast the more popular beige, white, ivory, and tans. These color schemes are perfect for tropical bathroom décor as they often focus on earthy greens, deep browns, and lighter ivories in the cabinetry, curtains, and fixtures.


Bath Makeover Pictures

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More unique makeovers include a bathroom paint colors that consist of similar green hues, rustic reds, stucco, black and natural wood to create a simple and feng shui area. Our photo galleries show a variety of Asian themed bathroom images and can provide you with inspiration, floor plans, and décor ideas to create a beautiful space. Some homeowners prefer to keep their before and after house up to date by redecorating their house with the latest styles and installing the most high-tech gadgets. As technology is advancing and turning towards more eco-friendly products, solar powered lighting, and water saving fixtures, it is not surprising that this is quickly becoming one of the more popular bathroom makeover ideas heading towards popular trends. To get started on a new remodel, browse our online pictures of bathrooms before and after which include the most popular 2016 makeovers.


Makeovers on a Budget

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More popular bathroom makeovers on a budget focus on not only saving money on new furntiure and tiles, but also long term resources by going green. Manufactures are now creating and selling products that help homeowners to reduce their water consumption, lower their energy expenditure and overall reduce their carbon foot prints. Homeowners are incorporating new water saving faucets into their custom shower tile designs along with natural stone tiles and simple glass doors. To go along with the green movement, companies have even manufactured new environmentally friendly paint products specifically for the bathroom that can with stand the high levels of humidity in this space. Redecorating a modern bathroom design can be as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint or as complex as installing a new tiled shower.


2016 Makeovers & Ideas

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As long as you are not moving plumbing or tearing down walls, these tasks can be completed by the average homeowner. Plus with the new bathroom decorating ideas and makeover trends of DIY projects, ideas, tips, easy to install products, and building tutorials are easier to come by as home improvement stores even offer task specific classes for their customers. Learn how to install new his and her vanity cabinets to store make up, hair products, and other bathroom stuff or find out how to construct a beautiful tiled backsplash behind your sink. Our website is also an excellent resource to find easy and inexpensive bathroom makeovers and pictures like a fun ocean themed bath for your children or romance inspired décor to enjoy with your loved one, right from your own home. Start browsing through our collection of articles today to find creative ideas on wall tile designs, top 2016 bathroom decor ideas and how to construct the soothing and relaxing spa-like oasis you have always wanted.


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