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Among the long list of do it yourself home improvement projects, remodeled bathroom ideas is one of the wiser choices.  The ROI (return on investment) for a bathroom upgrade or a new room addition is equal when you resell the house.  Another words, the money you spend on the construction and redesign is added to the value of your home.  Not only does this article provide modern bath designs, but also the best diy bathroom ideas on a budget.  With that said, remodeling is one of the best money saving diy bathroom projects.  Our goal is to provide bathroom ideas to help you design and plan a do-it-yourself home remodeling project.  If done correctly, we will help reduce your bathroom remodeling costs while still preserving the upgraded value to your home. 



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A common practice for bathroom renovation is to accurately draw out the floor plan on graph paper and confirm the bath cabinets and furniture will fit by sketching them in. Instead of old school pencil drawing, download a free program to design a house and let the offer multiple floor layout ideas based on the dimensions you type in.  Let’s start our diy lesson with small bathroom ideas on a budget. Decorating with new bathrooms ideas can be an enjoyable yet complicated project.  We would recommend downloading free bathroom design software and going with modern decorating ideas instead of rustic or vintage for small spaces with the hopes of making it appear larger.  The first step problem to solve for your tiny bathroom is often forgotten and quite complex.  This online knowledge base is here to bring you master bath ideas, flooring styles, tiles, small bath rooms, light fixtures, best bathroom paint colors and popular modern designs. 




Be sure to measure the dimmensions of all vanities for bathrooms along with the size of needed plumbing materials.  Tiny bathroom ideas may require custom cut pipes and furniture to make up for lost space.  Same goes for furniture and appliances.  Write down the measured dimensions of the room and bring them to the furniture store to swerve from any purchase mistakes.  Or you can stay home and do the shopping from your computer.  Most reputable bathroom furniture sites offer the accurate dimensions letting you measure while you’re still home. Bathroom lighting is an important subject to consider for a redesign.  In addition to bathroom light fixtures, try to also let in natural light by building larger windows and a skylight.  Others choose to stay private from the outdoor and design the room with light fixtures, cabinet lights, and pendant lighting. 



Bathroom Design Ideas


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You may not have a choice either way if redesigning one of your home’s current bathrooms.  Especially with small bathrooms ideas, the lighting design layout plays an important role towards your goal of appearing larger.  In addition to light playing an essential function in the design, so does the bathroom paint colors.  You want to choose bathroom floor tile patterns and wall paint ideas that convey a calm and peaceful environment for obvious reasons.  We recommend painting the walls a soft color shade while staying away from extreme bright colors like red, white, greens and yellows.  Old school black and white bathroom ideas have left with the 1900’s moving on to more relaxing decorating colors.



Modern bathroom designs lean towards dark wood colors for vanity cabinets and soft cream colors for the walls.   Or instead, light shades of grey paints are also very common with black furniture in modern designs.  Unless you’re designing your bathroom floor tile designs and cabinet ideas with oval shapes, stay away from curves and focus on straight lines for both edging and separation.  If you’re uncertain, try ivory as the background paint color knowing it blends nicely with all modern bathroom furniture colors.  Try to find two colors that are very similar in shades, but also leave a complementary impression.  After you complete the painting, decorate with clean lines showing off the outer shapes of the door and windows.  In a modern design, when going the oval route then stay away from straight lines and try to find furniture, vanity, and mirrors with slight curves in the shape.    

Tranquil colors lean towards soft shades of light blue, sage green, cream and tan.  Keep in mind; the bathroom paint colors and wall decor ideas chosen need to contrast nicely with your furniture.  If you’re still undecided what furniture to purchase, at least agree on a style.  For example, knowing you want to design a modern decor will help eliminate most colors for your bathroom tile ideas, walls and furniture. 


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