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2016 Living Rooms


The living room is the central gathering place of the home where friends and family assemble for relaxation and fun. Not only is your home décor important to this space, but designing a living room to promote comfort and functionality is key to providing the best area for you and your guests to relax. Because there are so many decoration options for this spot in your home, remodeling your living room can seem like a daunting task. However, you do not need to be an experienced interior designer to create a beautiful space. The top 2016 living room designs and pictures utilize elements from a variety of different styles that combine to create unique and attractive looks for your house. This year’s design trends combine traditional decorations with a modern twist, to create an attractive and stylish space that your guests will envy.


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The top remodeling ideas for living rooms focus on creating a multifunctional space with an open room layout. In 2013, the best living room makeovers transformed drab and lifeless homes into stunning spaces that incorporate comfort styles from charming contemporary designs with elegant traditional decorations. Because this room is often used for entertaining guests or for family to gather and enjoy a movie night, it is important to design your room to accommodate the activities that will take place here. When choosing a décor scheme, think about who will be using this space regularly. The most popular 2016 interior designs for living rooms are modern and contemporary styles, as these themes focus on simplicity and an open layout, thus allowing plenty of room for entertaining guests. Modern living room design ideas incorporate cool color palettes with dark woods, sleek stainless steel accessories, and modish furniture for a chic look.


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Similar to modern living rooms, contemporary ideas focus on clean lines and minimalistic décor, however this look is often considered a softer style. Neutral color palettes such as browns, creams, and taupes are characteristic of contemporary décor. In addition, light colored woods and furniture pieces made with smooth lines and surfaces adorn these rooms. A contemporary home decorating scheme is great for small living room designs as these styles tend to create the illusion of space by emphasizing simplicity. If the crisp style of modern and contemporary design is not for you, consider choosing a cozier approach such as traditional or country. To achieve the classic inviting appearance of traditional design, look for soft, plush couches, furniture sets with rounded lines, and warm paint colors. Great wall color ideas for a traditional décor include warm tones of gold, deep reds, and dark purples to create a comforting atmosphere for your house.


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Country style livingrooms are another popular option for formal décor. DIY design ideas for living rooms with a country look combine distressed wood cabinets with curved edges, gingham curtains, and pale paint colors. Paint color ideas for a living room decorated in country theme include mustard yellows, light sages, terra cotta reds and pale blues. HGTV reviews recommend using wood floors with fireplace made of brick or stone to create a quaint and cozy environment. Woven baskets can be used to store magazines and electronics, while old bottles can store flowers and plants for a decorative vase. To get the best inspiration for your design, search through a multitude of pictures of living rooms for the most popular design trends of this year. Viewing photos of beautiful living rooms will spark a few ideas for layouts, design plans, ceiling ideas and various remodeling tips and tricks for the do it yourself homeowner.

When planning how to remodel your living room, make sure to remember the unsightly technology that is often present. TVs, DVD players, and game consoles take away from the beauty of traditional décor and the clusters of wires that accompany them create an unattractive, cluttered look. Look through a living room photo gallery to view images with great ideas for a functional and beautiful way to conceal your electronics. Large flat screen TVs and surround sound systems blend well with a modern style but should be hidden inside cabinets and furniture for other styles. For 2016, a fashionable method of hiding TVs and game systems is to build custom cabinets with doors to cover them. Take a trip to your local home improvement store to see what they carry or use a freeware version of room design software programs to quickly and easily plan, then virtually build a variety of different cabinets to determine what style will look best in your home.

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