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Dining Room Colors


Are you looking for great inspiration to revamp that bland and boring dining room? The best way to completely transform any outdated space is through new wall colors. Paint has the ability to makeover any room, transitioning from traditional to contemporary with just one coat. Incorporating outstanding dining room paint clandolor ideas is an incredibly easy way to take that lackluster space from ordinary to extraordinary in no time at all. Unfortunately, with the overwhelming number of brands, innovative products, and of course colors, it may seem impossible to choose the right items for your home makeover. Do not be intimidated -- we will teach you how to select the best dining room paint colors for your home, sure to enhance the space. Read ahead for our do it yourself style guide filled with the top 2016 dining room colors along with outstanding painting tips from the pros sure to make your next makeover a success.


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Each and every unforgettable dining room designs are rooted in great wall color. Dining room color ideas should accent the room’s major decorative pieces such as textiles, wall decor and furniture while setting the foundation for your chosen style motif. As you stand in front of that daunting display of paint swatches, understanding how to select the right shade for your space may seem impossible. Innovative new products like a virtual room designer or color matching smartphone app are great tools for the tech savvy DIY home remodeler. These programs allow decorators to experiment with hundreds of painting ideas at the click of the button, traveling all over the color wheel prior to investing in materials. Online photo galleries filled with pictures featuring the top dining room colors for 2016 are another invaluable resource for indecisive home owners struggling to grasp how to choose best dining room paint colors. Get inspired by today’s top designer portfolios and discover the amazing potential of your space. Learn how color can transform your outdated room.


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The first thing to consider when selecting paint colors for dining rooms is whether your current space is more conducive to warm or cool hues. Warm shades are rooted in yellow or golds and, as their name suggests, are considered warmer and more inviting than cool colors. These are often chosen for traditional formal dining room design ideas. Cool palettes, on the other hand, have a foundation of crisp greys or blues and bring a great contemporary feel to the space. Floor coverings and decorative fixtures like doorknobs and lighting elements should be considered prior to making a decision on how to paint a room because it is important that these elements are coordinated with your color scheme. Classic beige carpets and brass fixtures clash with cool hues while a dark espresso brown wood floor and brushed nickel doorknobs enhances the clean look.


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Once you have selected your major dining room color schemes it is time to narrow down a particular palette. An easy way to select new paint colors is finding an inspiration piece -- whether that is a textile, piece of artwork or designer photograph -- then pull your favorite shade from that element. Have fun with paint colors for walls and experiment with bold unexpected hues. Oftentimes these rooms are not used on a daily basis, so it is a great area to play with design and make a unique decorative statement. Many of the most popular dining room paint colors in 2016 embodied this idea, bringing rich saturated hues to walls and ceilings. Try deep purple or elegant burgundy red for walls to instantly bring a lush highly decorative look to the space.  If you decide on an eye catching dining room colour, avoid overwhelming the design with other bold decorative finishings. For small room design ideas, try embellished or ornate pieces can result in an unsightly cluttered look.

If you are not brave enough to play with these bold vibrant hues on walls, there are many outstanding neutral colors for dining rooms perfect to bring a classic elegance to the space. One of the hottest color trends for 2016 is bringing subtle muted shades to your paint designs. This is an especially great look for dining rooms in open-concept living areas. If your home features this common layout, consider the most popular kitchen colors for your dining room paint in order to create a beautiful unified look throughout these large centralized gathering spaces. In these design plans it is more important than ever to select your paint schemes with existing decorative elements in mind. Be sure to coordinate your shades with floor coverings, cabinetry, countertops, dining sets, living room paint colors and everything in between. While it may seem overwhelming, an easy way to accomplish this is selecting your top samples then painting a large board in these colors. Carry it through the space and compare hues against each element to find the best one.

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